Uchi no Hime-sama ga Ichiban Kawaii (ウチの姫さまがいちばんカワイイ lit. These Princesses of Mine are the Most Cute), officially abbreviated as Uchihime (ウチ姫), is a card roleplaying shooter video game in the action-fantasy genre, developed by Ameba Studios and published by CyberAgent in the Asian market.[1] The Uchihime game was released as a free-to-play game for the iOS platform on August 13th, 2013 and for the Android platform on February 17th, 2014.[6] The core gameplay involves a continuous mob shooter mechanic with princess card power-ups.[7] The game has had over four million downloads as of March 2015 and is one of the most popular mobile role-playing games in Japan,[4] with collaborative multiplayer gameplay support and innovative game voice-overs from famous seiyuu.[5] Though the Uchihime game was initially released to Japan and China, the mobile app is now distributed to eight countries in South-East Asia.[8]


The main storyline of the game involves the non-linear journey of a super-deformed anthropomorphic frog prince across a fantasy world to defeat the evil monster army of the Demon Prince.[7] The goal of the titular hero is to free the land's female royalty with the main heroine Princess Lina from crystalline imprisonment in order to regain his human form and royal dignity.[5] The introduction of other collectible princess cards occurs through quests and events which are unlocked through rescuing a princess crystal. The character cards are infused with an individual special attribute with light, dark, fire, water and wind attributes in the game. These cards are usable as attack, defense and health upgrades as well as magical or elemental abilities.[5]


The one-month collaboration period between the Prison School anime and Uchihime was announced by the the Prison School animation committee and the game developers on April 14th, 2016 to continue until May 15th, 2016.[9][10] This commemorative event for the first anime season's original run will introduce characters from the Prison School universe to the game as limited-edition playable characters,[11] with Chiyo, Meiko, Mari and Hana being voiced by their voice characters.[12] The event will also involve exclusive gifts and cards to players such as an exclusive platinum Gacha card. The Uchihime game has also been adapted into a four-koma manga with story and artwork by Futoshi Chii and published by Dengeki Bunko.[3]

List of charactersEdit

This is a comprehensive list of main characters for the Uchihime universe. There are 178 total characters in the game excluding the Frog Prince.

  • The Frog Prince (カエル王子)
  • Love Princess Lina Prinsera (愛姫 リィナ・プリンセラ)
  • Crimson Princess Akane Garnet (紅姫 アカネ・ガーネット)
  • Water Princess Sophia Kris (沼妖姫 ソフィア・クリス)
  • Blue Princess Clarice Lapis (蒼姫 クラリス・ラピス)

Crossover charactersEdit

This subsection lists the in-universe characters of Prison School in the Uchihime collaboration.


  • The term "Uchi" (ウチ) means "one's own" in Japanese.[13]


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