Tsumibukaki Oretachi no Sanka (罪深き俺たちの賛歌 lit. Our Sinful Hymn) is the song featured in the first ending of the Prison School anime, with vocals by Kangoku Danshi. The song was released on August 5th, 2015 as a CD single in full, television and instrumental form.[1]

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The ending starts with a left-to-right pan across a film stock with images of handcuffs, an empty room, a post from a barbed-wire fence, a column of ants in the school courtyard, a canteen tray with food & a dessert pot, a teapot lying in the grass and a bundle of fibre rope placed on sandy ground. Thereafter, pans of character art are shown with Mari reclining on a sofa, Hana cross-legged on the grass and Anzu lying on a bed. The character art is followed by multicoloured images of Kiyoshi, Andre, Shingo, Gakuto and Jo together. More pans of character art follow with Chiyo next to a window and Meiko in a pose in front of a fencepost. The ending concludes with a right-to-left pan across the film stock finishing with the handcuffs image.

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誰かを好きになることは dareka o suki ni naru koto wa Falling in love with someone is
遺伝子に仕組まれたワナ idenshi ni shikumare ta wana a trap programmed into our genes
欲望はすでに始まっているのさ yokubō wa sudeni hajimatte iru no sa Our desires have already gotten underway

色々あります日常 iroiro arimasu nichijō Lots of things happen day to day
色々あります純情 iroiro arimasu junjō Lots of things happen in innocence
がっぷリ四つで 胸を締め付けるよ gappuri yotsu de mune o shimetsukeru yo They wrench our hearts as we grapple with them

触るんじゃない 触らせろ ハート sawaru n janai sawarasero hāto Don't you touch, let me touch your heart
こじあけて こらしめて モット kojiakete korashimete motto Pry it open and punish me even more
全神経が従順にフォーリン・ラブ zen shinkei ga jūjun ni fōrin rabu With all our minds we submissively fall in love
ラブ アンド ピース ファイト! rabu ando pīsu faito! LOVE AND PEACE FIGHT!

あなたが欲しい anata ga hoshii We want to have you
すべてを知りたい subete o shiritai We want to know everything
俺たちの夢 許可してよ oretachi no yume kyoka shite yo Grant us permission for our dreams

愛など要らない ai nado ira nai We don't need any love
……やっぱりください yappari kudasai On second thought, give us some
思春期にかける手錠はないの、だ! shishunki ni kakeru tejō wa nai no da! You can't put handcuffs on adolescence!

Single Tracklist Edit

The CD single was released by Warner Records Japan and had three tracks with a total length of 09:45.[2]

No. Title Romaji Artist Length
01 「罪深き俺たちの賛歌」 "Tsumibukaki Oretachi no Sanka" Kangoku

02 「罪深き俺たちの賛歌」 (TVサイズ) "Tsumibukaki Oretachi no Sanka" (TV-Size) 01:33
03 「罪深き俺たちの賛歌」 (INSTRUMENTAL) "Tsumibukaki Oretachi no Sanka" (Instrumental) 04:02


監獄学園〈プリズンスクール〉ED テーマ「罪深き俺たちの賛歌」

監獄学園〈プリズンスクール〉ED テーマ「罪深き俺たちの賛歌」

Credits Edit

  • Vocals: Kangoku Danshi ("Prison Boys" - all 5 main male voice actors)
  • Lyrics: Kiyomi Kumano
  • Music Composition: Ryuji Takagi
  • Music Arrangement: Tatsuya Kurauchi

References Edit

† The translation of "罪深き俺たちの賛歌" as "Our Sinful Hymn" is unofficial as there is no official English title. The English version of the lyrics are the work of Funimation Entertainment.

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