The Men Who Created the "Prison School" Anime (アニメ監獄学園を創った男たち Anime Purizun Sukūru O Tsukutta Otoko Tachi) is a eleven-chapter promotional series of the Prison School manga, written by Akira Hiramoto and illustrated by Hanamura. The special series was serialised in Weekly Young Magazine and Young Magazine the 3rd, preceding its publication by Kodansha on March 4th, 2016.[1] The series promoted the original run of the anime adaptation's first season and its corresponding home release.


Though the Prison School manga was initially believed impossible to adapt into animated form by the Kodansha publication and magazine management, the wildcard anime industry director Tsumotsu "Crazyboy" Mizushima earns the co-operation of voice actors and production staff to deliver an animated success. The series features an in-depth explores the creative process behind the anime's production and the recruitement of the protagonists' voice acting talents. Though the plot of the series is based on real events, the abridged names and dramatization make it a work of fiction.[2] The series gives an insight into the censorship and fanservice prevalent in the anime adaptation.

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  • The absence of the series scriptwriter Michiko Yokote was noted by the editor on Twitter.[3]


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