The fourth color chapter cover of the Prison School manga.

This is a page listing all the story arcs of the Prison School manga by Akira Hiramoto, arranged by volume and chapter number. The story arcs in this article are named provisionally through English translation of Japanese chapter covers or promotional material when available - or by fanmade names of the event, location, item or character of their subject. The proper English titles are assigned either in the Yen Press edition of the manga series or by the production committee of the anime adaptation.

Please note that the ASC Saga arcs have not yet been an given official title, and the labels for the saga therefore non-canon.

List of story arcs[edit | edit source]

The individual chapter list for the manga series can be found here.

Story Arcs
Underground Student Council Saga
Male Imprisonment arc (「男子囚人」編): Chapter 1 - 7
Prison Breakout arc (「監獄脱獄」編): Chapter 8 - 29
Male Expulsion arc (「男子退学」編): Chapter 30 - 81
Mad Wax arc (「マッドワックス」編): Chapter 82 - 87
Aboveground Student Council Saga
ASC Introductory arc (「表生徒会紹介」編): Chapter 88 - 94
Middle School arc (「中学校」編): Chapter 95 - 100
USC Imprisonment arc (「裏生徒会囚編」編): Chapter 101 - 141
USC Breakout arc (「裏生徒会脱獄」編): Chapter 142 - 165
Sports Festival Saga
Sports Festival arc (「体育祭」編): Chapter 166 - 201
Chairman Sidestory arc (「理事著外伝」編): Chapter 166 - ‎‎179 • ‎‎‎181‎184 - ‎187‎192 ‎- ‎‎194‎197 - ‎201217 - 227229231233 - 241
Cavalry Battle arc (「騎馬戦大会」編): Chapter 202 - 241
Tanabata Saga
Preparations for the Yakiniku Party arc ( 「焼肉パーティーの準備」編 ): Chapter 242 - 258
The Day of the Yakiniku Party arc (「やきにくパーティーの日」編): Chapter 259 - 277
Epilogue (「エピローグ」): Chapter 277.5

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The existence and official titles for the first three arcs were confirmed in the promotional material for the tenth volume.[1]
  • The main storyline can be divided into three major story arcs each spanning approximately eighty chapters.
  • The arc title of the Mad Wax arc (「マッドワックス」編) was named after the titular finale chapter of the arc and published in the announcement of the anime OVA adaptation of the arc.[2]

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