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Shopkeeper is a minor character of Prison School who tends to a BDSM shop named Spanking. She provided old bondage gear and advice to Risa Bettou on how to be a proper "Queen" for Andre.


The Shopkeeper of Spanking is a voluptuous looking adult woman who wears black bondage gear and a black eyemask. She was seen smoking in one particular instance.


The Shopkeeper of Spanking had a hidden heart of gold underneath the dominatrix personality. Seeing Risa's determination to be a "Queen" but yet was unable to afford it, she chased Risa away but not before giving her an old set of bondage gear. She doesn't like it when people call her "mom" or a "mother".


The Shopkeeper first appeared promoting the bondage gear products in her BDSM shop titled Spanking, to Risa. Risa was unable to afford the expensive gear, but was still determined to be a "Queen" for Andre. Seeing Risa reminded herself of her younger days, the Shopkeeper sympathized with her and sent Risa on her way with an old set of bondage gear that could no longer fit her.

The Shopkeeper returned in the final arc when Risa returned the old bondage gear to her, saying that the BDSM relationship between her and Andre had ended. Hearing that Risa still cared for Andre, she commented on the paradox of a queen caring for a slave, and gave Risa further advice as well as designs for a shoulder pad for Andre to wear. The pair quickly formed a bond almost like a mother-daughter relationship.

On a separate day the Shopkeeper encountered a depressed Risa sitting outside of the shop in the rain and took her in, learning that Andre wanted Risa completely out of his life. Andre came in to look for Risa and mistaken the shopkeeper for Risa's mother, upon which the Shopkeeper lost her temper and struck Andre. Risa was unable to bear the thought of Andre getting hurt and tried to hold back the Shopkeeper, only to realize that the Shopkeeper was doing this to reveal the shoulder pads that Andre wore as a sign of accepting Risa.

Andre gave his love confession to Risa, and seeing that the pair are reconciled, the Shopkeeper chased both of them out of the shop and send them on their first date with a bit of money. While the new couple went on their way, the Shopkeeper pondered upon what kind of feelings the pair have for each other.



  • As a minor character, the Shopkeeper was only briefly featured in chapters 112, 252, 254, 255, 258, 261, and 263.
  • The Shopkeeper was never seen without her eyemask.
  • The Shopkeeper's name was never revealed.
  • The name of the shop that the Shopkeeper tends to is pronounced as "Supan King", which stealthily refers to the BDSM english term "Spanking".