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Sengoku Yaraideka -Ranbuden- (戦国やらいでか -乱舞伝- lit. The Warring States That Cannot Stop -Wild Dance Legend-) is a strategy role-playing shooter video game in the action samurai genre, developed by and published by Square Enix in the Japanese mobile market.[1] The Sengoku Yaraideka game was released as a multiplayer free-to-play game for the iOS platform on May 22th, 2015 and for the Android platform on May 26th, 2015.[2][3] The core gameplay of Sengoku Yaraideka involves assigning five warlord cards in a line formation to engage opposing mob forces.[2] The historical authenticity and simulation gameplay target the game at the otaku demographic.[4] The game supports co-operative multiplayer and online communication.[5]


The main setting of the game is set in China during the Warring States period of classical Chinese history.[4] The goal of the protagonist is to collect warlord cards and assemble troops in order to unify the country under their territory.[6] They are guided by a calm intellectual guide and regional expert Oten, a mysterious highborn woman.[7]


The two-week collaboration period between Sengoku Yaraideka and the Prison School anime committee was announced on the official anime website, from March 3rd, 2016 until March 16rd, 2016.[8] The game introduced characters from the first season of the Prison School anime as cutscene characters and playable cards.


There are fifty character designs in total available for customization of the protagonist, designed by the Square Enix in-house art division.[4] The player is aided by the female guide Oten, in their quest to assemble feudal lords from the Sengoku period.[9]

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This subsection lists characters from the Prison School universe featured in the game.


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