The first season of the Prison School anime adaptation was produced by J.C.Staff and directed by Tsutomu Mizushima.[1] The season is twelve episodes in length, airing from July 11th, 2015 to September 26th, 2015 in censored form.[2] The season premiered in Japan on Tokyo MX in 25:05 JST on July 10th, 2015 & underwent airing on Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV & TV Aichi on July 12th & July 13th, 2015.[3][4][5]

The plot of the first season centers around Hachimitsu Private Academy, a revered and elite once-female boarding school on the outskirts of Tokyo which undergoes a recent policy revision to allow only five boys into the student body.[6] On his first day, the boys are completely overwhelmed by the thousand girls on campus.[7] The story focuses on their attempts to stay inside the school and integrate despite a number of incidents and resistance from girls and the Underground Student Council. The first season adapts the first nine original volumes of the manga, with the first OVA special for inclusion in the twentieth volume.

The season has been released in six uncensored DVD and Blu-ray two-episode volumes by Warner Bros. Entertainment in Japan.[2] The season has been licensed by Niconico for simulcasting to the Japanese market in uncensored form online on a subscription-only basis.[8] Funimation have licenced simulcasting in subtitled form for the North American region,[9] and have licensed a simulcasted dubbed version which premiered on August 12th, 2015 on the Funimation Channel.[10] Viewster have licensed simulcasting in subtitled form for the British market.[11] Madman Entertainment have licensed simulcasting in subtitled form in Australia and New Zealand. [12] The licensors Anime Limited and Nipponart have licensed & scheduled a subtitled uncensored DVD and Blu-ray home-video release for the British and German markets in 2016, respectively.[13][14]


This section is a list of all the episodes of the first season of the anime.

# Title Air Date
01 The Peep Job
July 11, 2015
Kiyoshi enrolls in Hachimitsu Academy with Jo, Andre, Gakuto & Andre. However, the school has 1016 schoolgirls against 5 schoolboys that year making the male-female ratio 1:200. Unbeknownst to them, the Underground Student Council forbids contact with the boys. They are seperated into classes & Kiyoshi is befriended by his classmate and sumo wresting fan Chiyo, inviting him to a sumo date. As they have lack the confidence to approach the girls, the boys decide to spy on them in the female bathing area & the other boys are caught by the USC though Kiyoshi infiltrates the bathing area. They are sentenced to hard labour in the Prison Block. The USC secretary Hana takes over guard duty from USC Vice-President Meiko & the boys realise she is too violent. When Kiyoshi climbs a tree to help a crowling, he sees Chiyo. Though he is unable to confess his involvement to Chiyo, he promises to go to the date. When he falls off a tree, he traumatises Hana after seeing her pee and she takes leave.
02 The Man Who Viewed Too Much
July 18, 2015
When Kiyoshi falls off a tree and sees Hana urinating, Meiko resumes guard duty. The school chairman and Mari's father is successful in getting the schoolboys free time on weekends. The boys start work on clearing wasteland for a garden. However, Mari retracts the free time when she sees pornography on her father's computer. Kiyoshi plans to break out of the school to go to the Sumo Festival with Chiyo for their date, secretly digging a hole in the waste disposal cabin's wall. However, Gakuto realises about his plans after intercepting Chiyo's note and soon joins his breakout plan assuming a strategic role. Mari becomes more stricter with the boys when the Chairman drops his photo collection of South American ass on the corridor floor. When Kiyoshi and Gakuto try to deliberate on getting rid of Hana, Gakuto forces Kiyoshi to go to the toilet and Hana follows him. After Hana vaults the locked cubicle door, she enters a protracted struggle with Kiyoshi which results in her getting urinated on by him.
03 A Mighty Spurt
July 25, 2015
As Kiyoshi and Gakuto have completed the escape hole, Kiyoshi is to complete a practice run of the breakout without leaving the school grounds. Though he is distracted by the Chairman burying his photos, he returns just in time before Meiko reaches the hole. The prisoners are issued gift request forms and are tasked with helping at a district sports event. Gakuto and Kiyoshi inadvertently get a horrified Shingo to change teams for the event when he sees them showering together and assumes they are homosexual. The next day, Kiyoshi also discovers a drain leading from the sports ground to the waste disposal area. When Meiko's heel stabs him between the buttocks, the boys assume that he has haemorrhoids. In order to obtain a recording for a diversion, Gakuto defecates inside their IT lesson within a computer classroom full of girls. The escape hole is blocked by the Chairman to their horror, which prompts Gakuto's dejection and Kiyoshi's decision to cross-dress out of the school.
04 Take Me Out to the Sumoland
August 1, 2015
With aerobatic manoeuvres, Gakuto executes a slide & removes Mari's skirt from below. An angered Meiko severely beats him and shaves his long hair short which he steals to use as a wig for Kiyoshi. On Friday, Kiyoshi steals a girl's uniform from the laundry room next to the girls' dorm though risking discovery inside the cleaner's van. The following Saturday of the sports event and the breakout arrives and Kiyoshi escapes from the luggage tent area to change into the girl's uniform, planning to leave the school while Gakuto distracts the others. During his breakout, Kiyoshi narrowly escapes detection from both Meiko and Mari however. At the sumo tournament, Chiyo and Kiyoshi enjoy their date and food until Kiyoshi goes to the toilet and Chiyo spills tea on his bag. When she opens the bag, she discovers her uniform inside to her disgust and leaves the stadium with the date a failure. When Shingo calls Meiko to check the toilets for Shingo, she overrules Gakuto and breaks the door open.
05 The School's Number One Most Treacherous Man
August 8, 2015
When Meiko smashes the cubicle door open, she discovers Kiyoshi on the seat. Both Meiko and Shingo leave and Gakuto recieves his limited edition figurines. Though Kiyoshi is unable to inform him about the failed date, Mari intercepts Kiyoshi and reveals photos of him at the sumo tournament sent from Chiyo to her father the Chairman to prove his actions. With the other boys angered at his betrayal, Meiko places him in solitary confinement where he is interrogated. With only Gakuto in opposition, Mari attempts to expel Kiyoshi and nearly succeeds in convincing him to leave willingly. Chiyo defends him and sucessfully reverses Mari's decision however, prompting Mari to expel all the boys under her plan "DTO". An ostracised Kiyoshi is cleaning the toilets when he runs into Hana who corners him and promises to take her revenge before going to the USC meeting on DTO.
06 Vengeance is Hana's
August 15, 2015
At the USC meeting on plan DTO, Mari and Meiko inform Hana of the USC's plot and expel the boys after two more breakouts by using their internal turmoil. After the prisoners' daily work detail, Meiko enlists a resentful Shingo as an informant in return for good food. He reveals Jo's ant hobby to them & the USC to organize an incident involving the ants. The next day, some crows "attack" his ants in the courtyard and the USC members prevent him from protecting the ants. However, Jo attempts to stab Mari with a wooden knife which Kiyoshi intercepts. After Kiyoshi earns Jo's forgiveness by lying for him, Jo is placed in solitary confinement where he learns the crows were anting & is soon released. While supervising him, Hana fails to exact her revenge at the nurse's office. The Chairman orders a fetish mousepad to Mari's anger. Later that day, Shingo gets permission to leave campus & is issued his school uniform.
07 Meiko's Delicious Restaurant
August 22, 2015
Shingo begins regularly going to the games arcade during his errands for the USC where he confronts second year Anzu over a fighting game. When he is asked to procure intel on the boys, he reveals a toy blade that he discovered in the toilets which Meiko uses in a plot to prove Gakuto's complicity in Kiyoshi's breakout. Having traced his figurine to Gakuto's Akihabara convention, Meiko confronts him and attempts to crush the figure to force his confession. However, he smashes the figurine to thwart her and apologises to Kiyoshi for ignoring their bullying. When Gakuto admits his strategic role in the breakout to the boys, the other boys forgive him against Shingo's advice and they notice the latter's absences with Meiko. Throughout the following days, Andre is deprived of punishment by a fully-covered Meiko despite his many ploys and he becomes mentally depressed. When Chiyo finds a unconscious Meiko in a school corridor, she takes her to the USC office where she discovers DTO.
08 The Diary of Andre
August 29, 2015
A reclusive and unhygienic Andre is mentally and physically broken. Though Kiyoshi shows concern for Shingo, Meiko sends him on his prison leave and he goes to watch The Grapes of Wrath with Anzu. However, they leave the cinema as the movie is a historical realist film rather than a horror movie. At the courtyard, Mayumi and Chiyo send a message to Kiyoshi hidden in the pieces of their boardgame which he fails to decipher. However, Gakuto quickly deciphers it as an expulsion warning in the baths while Andre was lured into the courtyard by the USC. When Andre sees Meiko beyond the courtyard's wire fence, he destroys it to result in a second breakout with the boys unable to stop him. Though Anzu confesses to being a USC spy sent to delay Shingo after he tells her the truth of his treachery, he fails to return on time for his curfew to result in the third breakout. The USC celebrate the success of DTO, with the Chairman pressured by the USC and faculty to exclude them.
09 Full of Bodily Fluids
September 5, 2015
The boys decide to recover email evidence of DTO from the guard office computer to prevent their imminent expulsions. However, Gakuto plans to secretly enter the guard office to retrieve the data during the contest while the boys have to distract her through an arm wrestling contest. When Meiko is in the corridor next to the mess hall of the Prison Block, the boys provocate her into the contest but fail to steal her keys. Though Gakuto is quickly defeated by Meiko, Kiyoshi puts up a better struggle until he loses to the distraction of her nipple. After Shingo's decisive defeat, Jo also suffers an instant loss and is tossed against the wall. With six full minutes left, Andre finally challenges her and holds his own against Meiko due to a long hair on his nipple distracting her. As a result, she forces a victory by closing her eyes and overpowering a weakened Andre. At the same time, Gakuto returns having only recovered the data but failing to retrieve it. To their regret, the boys realize that their imminent expulsions were inevitable.
10 It's a Bum-derful Life
September 12, 2015
The boys are broken and lose the will to fight their imminent expulsions. After Meiko gives the boys withdrawal forms to sign, Kiyoshi proposes that the boys make an appeal to the Chairman for an extension before their expulsion. Though Meiko rips up their individual appeal requests, the Chairman recieves the appeal request disguised on Kiyoshi's expulsion form. However, the Chairman asks the boys to solve his riddle on whether buttocks or breasts are superior as a condition. Though the boys initially assume otherwise, Kiyoshi chooses buttocks from his knowledge of the Chairman's ass-fetish. After a mental struggle, an inspired Kiyoshi uses human evolutionary theory to prove the superiority of the ass. To an eavesdropping Meiko's shock, the Chairman accepts their appeal and grants them a one-day extension to gather the evidence. At the USC's office, Hana volunteers to guard the boys after an angered Mari recieves news of their extension.
11 Eryngil Brockovich
September 19, 2015
The boys devise a new plan to engage Meiko in an ass-wrestling contest. However, Hana convinces Mari to allow her to guard the prison compound after questioning Meiko's loyalty. Though the dismayed boys continue by adapting their plan to Hana, a terrified Kiyoshi is threatened by her for their last encounter. When Meiko attempts to overexert herself in her dorm room, Mari reassures her of her own faith. The boys communicate to arrange a nightly rendezvous with Chiyo at the backdoor of the compound while a fearful Kiyoshi opts to go and distract Hana in Gakuto's place. However, Anzu intercepts Chiyo in the school kitchens - only to offer her aid. After Gakuto angers a vengeant Hana into allowing Kiyoshi to go to the nurse's office, a trouserless Kiyoshi successfully unlocks the backdoor during their heated encounter - until she begins a violent attack of him. In the courtyard,a now-patrolling Meiko captures Anzu on Mari's orders with Chiyo awaiting the signal outside.
12 Good Morning, Prison
September 26, 2015
In the courtyard, the shouts of Anzu are recognized by the boys who deduce her scapegoat role for Chiyo's advance. The interrrogation of Anzu by Meiko proves fruitless however. In the nurse's office, Hana begins to kiss Kiyoshi in punishment for his inability to comply. However, Kiyoshi intensifies the kiss until she collapses on the floor and ends her shift, also allowing Jo and Gakuto toilet leave. The night inspection by Mari reveals a safe Meiko and the sleeping boys. The next day in the school chairman's office, the boys object to their expulsion and reveal their nightly triple-switch stratagem with Chiyo - allowing a newly-arrived Gakuto to recover email evidence of DTO. Thus, their innocence and the USC's machinations are proven to the Chairman who declares their sentence paid - the boys now free with the USC in dorm arrest. In the epilogue, the boys are shown enjoying their freedom and newfound popularity while SC President Kate secures the arrest of the USC.
Mad Wax
March 4, 2015
The news of the USC's imprisonment spreads across the student body. Within the Prison Block, the USC are coerced into prison uniforms and they are informed of the chairman's permission. In the school canteen, the boys enjoy female company with the exception of Gakuto and Jo. However, the news of Gakuto's conversation with bibliophile and serial klutz Mitsuko Yokoyama at the school library depresses him. Though Jo attempts to return to internal imprisonment by harassing a schoolgirl, he is stopped by a worried Andre. The next day, reports of a nude male in tortoiseshell bondage spotted by Mitsuko in the school building spread and alarm Andre. The discovery of his missing rope prompts him to try enlisting the others for help intercepting Jo but they refuse him. In the school corridor, a major wax spill by Mitsuko allows Andre to converge on Jo. However, his diversion by muffin-toting Satou results in Andre crashing into the locker room and narrowly avoiding expulsion.

BD/DVD ReleasesEdit

The first season was released in six uncensored DVD and Blu-ray two-episode volumes by Warner Bros. Entertainment monthly from 30th September, 2015 to 24th February, 2015.[2] This limited-edition release bundled two episodes in mastered high-resolution uncensored video with multiple bonus materials.[15]

1 Volume 1
BD-DVD Cover 01
Release date: September 30, 2015
JAN: 4548967214949
Cover character(s):
Episode list:

Promotional material:
  • Uncaptionated opening and ending
  • Single-episode audio commentary
  • Lottery ticket for promotional event
  • Anime promotional booklet
  • Character art by Junichiro Taniguchi
2 Volume 2
BD-DVD Cover 02
Release date: October 28, 2015
JAN: 4548967214956
Cover character(s):
Episode list:

Promotional material:
  • Single-episode audio commentary
  • Anime promotional booklet
  • Character art by Junichiro Taniguchi
3 Volume 3
BD-DVD Cover 03
Release date: November 25, 2015
JAN: 4548967214963
Cover character(s):
Episode list:

Promotional material:
  • Single-episode audio commentary
  • Anime promotional booklet
  • Character art by Junichiro Taniguchi
  • Original soundtrack CD (Volume 1)
4 Volume 4
BD-DVD Cover 04
Release date: December 23, 2015
JAN: 4548967214970
Cover character(s):
Episode list:

Promotional material:
  • Single-episode audio commentary
  • Anime promotional booklet
  • Character art by Junichiro Taniguchi
  • Anime card case
5 Volume 5
BD-DVD Cover 05
Release date: January 27, 2015
JAN: 4548967214987
Cover character(s):
Episode list:

Promotional material:
  • Single-episode audio commentary
  • Anime promotional booklet
  • Character art by Junichiro Taniguchi
  • Original soundtrack CD (Volume 2)
6 Volume 6
BD-DVD Cover 06
Release date: February 24, 2015
JAN: 4548967214994
Cover character(s):
Episode list:

Promotional material:
  • Audio commentary for Episode 11
  • Anime promotional booklet
  • Character art by Junichiro Taniguchi
  • Drama audio disc


The official theme soundtrack of the first season was released with the third and fifth home-video volumes of the anime, composed and produced by Kotaro Nakagawa. The opening theme of the season was "Ai no Prison" and the ending theme of the season was "Tsumibukaki Oretachi no Sanka", both performed by Kangoku Danshi.

OST Volume 1 TracklistEdit

# Title Artist Length
01 "Men" (「男たち」 Otoko-tachi) Kotaro
02 "Kiyoshi" (「キヨシ」) 1:09
03 "Troubled Times" (「乱世」 Ransei) 1:11
04 "Vice-President" (「副会長」 Fuku Kaichou) 1:43
05 "President" (「会長」 Kaichou) 2:23
06 "Toil" (「労働」 Roudou) 2:33
07 "Chairman" (「理事長」 Rijichou) 1:24
08 "Hana" (「花」) 1:15
09 "Sun..." (「太陽が…」 Taiyou ga...) 1:45
10 "Recompense" (「報酬」 Houshuu) 2:35
11 "Highkick" (「ハイキック」 Haikikku) 0:53
12 "Escape" (「エスケープ」 Esukēpu) 1:48
13 "Chiyo" (「千代」) 1:08
14 "Date" (「デート」 Dēto) 1:49
15 "The Unending Prisoner Life" (「終わらない囚人生活」 Owaranai Shuujin Seikatsu) 2:25
16 "Libido" (「性欲」 Seiyoku) 0:53
17 "Shingo" (「シンゴ」) 0:55
18 "F" 1:44
19 "Fellowship" (「友情」 Yuujou) 1:42
20 "Daybreak" (「夜明け」 Yoake) 2:17
21 "C" 2:14
22 "Modest" (「ささやか」 Sasayaka) 1:13
The volume tracklist was sourced from VGMdb. (source)

OST Volume 2 TracklistEdit

No. Title Artist Length
01 "Darkness" (暗黒 Ankoku) Kotaro
02 "Boy" (おとこのこ Otokonoko) 1:18
03 "Andre" (アンドレ) 1:12
04 "Sunset" (夕陽 Yuuhi) 2:03
05 "Punishment" (おしおき Oshioki) 1:11
06 "D" 1:33
07 "Ass" ( Shiri) 1:10
08 "Crow" (カラス Karasu) 2:08
09 "Peace" (平和 Heiwa) 1:38
10 "Without Question" (問答無用 Mondou Muyou) 1:44
11 "Warring States" (戦国 Sengoku) 1:06
12 "Wonderland" (ワンダーランド Wandārando) 1:10
13 "Despair" (絶望 Zetsubou) 1:52
14 "Looming Footsteps" (迫り来る足音 Semarikuru Ashioto) 2:11
15 "Limit of Patience" (我慢の限界 Gaman no Genkai) 0:36
16 "Arm Wrestling" (腕相撲 Udezumou) 2:54
17 "Deadline" (デッドライン Deddorain) 2:06
18 "To Liberation" (解放へ Kaihou e) 7:15
19 "Epilogue" (終幕 Shuumaku) 2:30
The volume tracklist was sourced from VGMdb. (source)

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