Prison School vs. Kyoaku Gakuen ([監獄学園 (プリズンスクール) ] VS. [巨悪学園 (キョアクガクエン) ]) is a single-chapter collaborative work between Akira Hiramoto and Katsuhiro Nagasawa with UDON. The crossover was published independently of both manga series in Young Magazine the 3rd on March 6, 2015 and published by Kodansha in the third volume of the Kyoaku Gakuen manga.

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The front gates of the School of Supreme Evil is the scene of Meiko's interception by security guards in her attempt to save Gakuto and Kiyoshi. Though the two schoolboys were kidnapped and ransomed heavily for a vehicular misdemeanor, Meiko previously failed to contact the police and is herself captured by underground yakuza kingpin Omaezaki - a first-year student of the school. To her shock, Omaezaki is revealed to be thirteen years old with a perversion for senior high-school students despite his elderly figure. When Omaezaki boasts of the political influence of the school and his assured safety in the basement of the academy, a tortured and protesting Meiko breaks free of her chains and places the school building on self-destruct despite his pleas. While she leaves the destroyed campus with a grateful Kiyoshi and Gakuto in a stolen getaway vehicle, a newly-arrived Shinmei discovers the rubble of the former school building to his surprise. The explosion is revealed to have zero casualties and the school is rebuilt with public money.

In vengeance at the destruction of their school building, the School of Supreme Evil performs a financial takeover of Hachimitsu Academy brokered by its new school chairman Omaezaki. Though this news is to the student body and Aboveground Student Council's utter shock, the Chairman is nowhere to be found. The newly-arrived Omaezaki expresses his suprise at the fully-fledged prison compound of the school, with Shinmei revealed to be performing surveillance on him on behalf of the government. When the Underground Student Council is forced to give Omaezaki tours of the academy, the five boys fear his revenge on the whole academy until Mari consents to broker his withdrawal. However, the fears Mari has are revealed to be in vain when Omaezaki takes her on a romantic date at a fast-food restaurant and a fairground ride. In the limousine on the way back to their renovated school building, Omaezaki reveals his perversion for romantic play with high-school students - to Shinmei's utter disgust.

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