Prison School Wiki
The Prison School Wiki Policy.

This page lists the community-endorsed policy of the Prison School Wiki. Though these policies are a prerequisite to contributing here, only few policies are needed to run the wiki with goodwill and cooperation - giving lots of freedom within them and flexibility to edit around them.

  • All visual and written content on the wiki should be censored to avoid explicitness, nudity or profanity in order to comply with Wikia's Terms of Use.
  • In articles, all manga images must have text removed with the exception of chapter covers; they should be cleaned from raw tankobon or official magazine scans by the user if possible.
  • All users must have a modicum of respect and goodwill in their correspondence to other users.
  • The site cannot be used to host URLs to infringing content or monetized infringement.
  • The original author or editor of uploaded visual content deserves due respect and also is accorded the right of content removal if they are not from the Wikia domain.
  • The chapter cover images in the infoboxes prioritize color pages, chapter covers then pages with chapter titles in descending order with only one image per chapter article.
  • The article infoboxes should only contain one image without need for tabbing.
  • All anime screenshot images should be in native anime resolution (i.e. 720p).
  • Fanart should only be uploaded for userpages - and be relevant to the Prison School series.
  • Filenames of images should remain consistent with the images in the relevant image subcategory.
The wiki is hosted on Wikia; it is subject to the central Wikia ruleset and the official Terms of Use.