Gampuku (Gampuku 眼福 (ガンプク) Ganpuku) is the first artbook by Akira Hiramoto, published on August 3rd, 2016 by Kodansha to coincide with the twenty second volume of Prison School.[1][2]

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The artbook Gampuku celebrates Akira Hiramoto's sucessful comedy manga career by compiling erotic color illustrations depicting the artistic evolution of Hiramoto in the last twenty years,[3] The artbook entered production by Hiramoto in June using digital color art from across the time period.[4] The artbook will feature color artwork mainly from Prison School,[4] alongside other series such as Agonashi Gen to Ore Monogatari, Yarisugi Companion to Atashi Monogatari and Me and the Devil Blues. The artbook will also contain an artistic commentary of the digital production process Hiramoto uses in his work.

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