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This page is a comprehensive episode guide for the Prison School anime, an adaptation of the titular manga by Akira Hiramoto. The production of the first season was announced with the publication of the fourteenth volume wrap of the manga. The first season premiered originally on Tokyo MX for twelve episodes from July 11th, 2015 to September 26th, 2015; with censorship, it adapted nine volumes of the original manga. The English voice overdub by Funimation was broadcast on the Funimation Channel from August 12th, 2015 to October 28th, 2015.[1] The home video release of the first season was published without censorship in six two-episode volumes by Warner Brothers Home Entertainment in Japan, with the first volume published on September 29th, 2015 and the sixth volume published on February 24th, 2015 with bonus materials. The licensors Anime Limited and Nipponart are scheduled to publish the home video release in 2016 for Britian and Germany, respectively. Though there is one OVA episode, a second season has yet to be announced.

Anime overview[edit | edit source]

Season premiere
Season finale
12 + OVA
July 11, 2015
September 26, 2015

Season 1 (2015)[edit | edit source]

The main article for the first season can be found here (episode summaries).

# Episode Airdate Director
01 "The Peep Job"
JP July 11, 2015
US August 12, 2015
Official overview: When Kiyoshi is admitted to coeducational private school Hachimitsu Academy with Shingo, Gakuto, Jo and Andre, the five schoolboys are overwhelmed by the extreme male-female student ratio. In the disfavour of the female student body and unable to interact with them, their voyuerism in a female bathing area incites the wrath of the shadowy Underground Student Council who crack down on illicitness...[ep. 1]
02 "The Man Who Viewed Too Much"
JP July 18, 2015
US August 19, 2015
Official overview: The boys are imprisoned inside the Prison Block of the academy under the oversight of the Underground Student Council, who use violence to impose manual labour over them. Though the school chairman's proposal for the schoolboys to have prison leave is to their elation, Mari's rescindment forces a temporarily discouraged Kiyoshi to jailbreak from the prison compound...[ep. 2]
03 "A Mighty Spurt"
JP July 25, 2015
US August 26, 2015
Official overview: To carry out their jailbreak plot, the newfound daring duo Kiyoshi and Gakuto brave the monitoring of Hana and Meiko to prepare their escape plan. However, the plan unravels to the final stage of the jailbreak when their escape hole is blocked. Though Gakuto loses his only academic hope and falls into desperation, Kiyoshi devises a last ditch plan to thwart their greatest difficulty...[ep. 3]
04 "'Take Me Out to the Sumoland"
JP August 1, 2015
US September 2, 2015
Official overview: The jailbreak's eve has Kiyoshi trespass into the girl's dorm to borrow a female uniform from the school cleaner as preparation. Though the duo revive the jailbreak plan, the near-interception of Kiyoshi at the school gate by Mari poses a serious setback on the day. When Kiyoshi escapes campus, the situation becomes desperate when a suspicious Vice-President begins looking for an absent Kiyoshi...[ep. 4]
05 "The School's Number One Most Treacherous Man"
JP August 8, 2015
US September 9, 2015
Official overview: To add insult to the injury of Kiyoshi's failed date with Chiyo, the USC is informed of the jailbreak and extends their collective imprisonment term. The disillusioned boys isolate Kiyoshi as a traitor and the USC calls Kiyoshi to their office. Though the choice of signing a withdrawal request and leaving the academy appeals to Kiyoshi's weakened resolve, one woman is in objection to Kiyoshi's expulsion...[ep. 5]
06 "Vengeance is Hana's"
JP August 15, 2015
US September 16, 2015
Official overview: The Underground Student Council devise the devastating plot DTO, enlisting Shingo as an unwitting informer and appeasing him with delicious food. The USC first targeted Jo by exploiting his violent protectiveness of his pet ants against a crow, resulting in his solitary imprisonment. The injured Kiyoshi is taken to the nurse's office by Hana after shielding Jo, only to taste her revenge...[ep. 6]
07 "Meiko's Delicious Restaurant"
JP August 22, 2015
US September 23, 2015
Official overview: The errand Meiko requests of Shingo in town results in his lengthy meeting with fellow student Anzu at the arcade. The two start to meet whenever they have an errand, with Shingo building an unusual attraction to Anzu. Within the Prison Block, the presence of the Guan Yu figure of Gakuto is revealed to Meiko, who puts intense pressure on the figure and Gakuto to confess his jailbreak role...[ep. 7]
08 "The Diary of Andre"
JP August 29, 2015
US September 30, 2015
Official overview: The postponement of the punishment of Andre by Meiko is a crippling blow to him. When his masochist reward is too tempting to Andre's physical and mental patience, the rush at Meiko results in a second breakout. Though the movie date between Shingo and Anzu is interrupted by their mediating an elementary school fight, the remorse of Shingo leads to Anzu's shocking truth...[ep. 8]
09 "Full of Bodily Fluids"
JP September 5, 2015
US October 7, 2015
Official overview: The five boys devise a plan to examine the computer in the warden's office for evidence of DTO to avoid expulsion. However, they must keep Meiko in the mess hall to head to the warden's office. The boys goad Meiko into an arm-wrestling contest as a show of strengh and to buy time for Gakuto. However, the boys are eliminated in quick sucession with Gakuto yet to return the data...[ep. 9]
10 "It's a Bum-derful Life"
JP September 12, 2015
US October 14, 2015
Official overview: The failure of the data retrieval makes expulsion a certainty for Kiyoshi. The heartbroken boys harbor one last hope of an appeal petition to be submitted to the school chairman by Meiko - who refuses mercillesly. When the boys have collected their luggage from their dormitories to prepare for their expulsions, an unexpected presence awaits them at the prison compound...[ep. 10]
11 "Eryngil Brockovich"
JP September 19, 2015
US October 21, 2015
Official overview: Though the expulsion is postponed thanks to Kiyoshi's solution of the Tits vs. Ass riddle, the boys' strategy has an uexpected twist due to the USC's anticipating appointmentment of Hana to the guard patrol. With Hana's vengeant grudge at his advantage, Kiyoshi aims to gain entry to Meiko's office. The embarrasing compulsion of Kiyoshi is bound to affect the success of the strategy...[ep. 11]
12 "Good Morning, Prison"
JP September 26, 2015
US October 28, 2015
Official overview: The heated battle of lips between Kiyoshi culminates in his insightful counterattack to turn her offense. The intense confusion by Hana over the unexpected attack of Kiyoshi overwhelms her and he returns to his cell for the night. The day of the expulsion in the Chairman's office brings questions for the USC and silence for the other boys - what is their solution....[ep. 12]
"Mad Wax"
JP March 4, 2016 Tsutomu
Official overview: The OVA adapts the unanimated titular arc. The appearance of Mitsuko, with the voice debut of Mikako Takahashi, is the highlight in the blossoming of spring to Gakuto. The additional foolish antics of a concerned Andre and Jo culminate in a massive flooring wax accident in their race against time with a second voyeurism act on the line.

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