Charaben (キャラベン Kyaraben) is the second chapter of the Fukukaichou Gambaru manga, serialised in Young Magazine the 3rd on August 6th, 2016.


In the cooking clubroom at the main building of Hachimitsu Academy, Meiko is hard at work cooking and decorating a character bentou. The completed bentou is revealed to be an onigiri decorated with an image of Mari in profile, accompanied with assorted vegetables. Though Meiko packages the bentou and heads down the school corridor to the school canteen, she drops the bundle when she kicks the Chairman and stumbles over him onto the floor. In spite of the Chairman's attempt to desperately collect his ass photo collection and her accidentally kicking him in the buttocks, the Chairman offers to pick Meiko up from the floor - which she spurns to gathers the food bundle and hurriedly leave. At the school canteen, the Underground Student Council are sitting at a table. Though Mari and Meiko initially admire the packaging, they discover a different bentou with the Chairman's face on it - revealing that Meiko switched lunch packages with the Chairman.



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to the Japanese cuisine phenomenon of character bentou.


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