The Man Who Has a Fetish for Panties (パンツにこだわる男 Pantsu ni Kodawaru Otoko) is the ninth chapter special of the The Men Who Created the Prison School Anime. The chapter was serialised in Young Magazine the 3rd on December 4th, 2015.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The production of the Prison School anime enters the animation stage with the vocal casting and episode storyboard writing complete. However, the staff hold an emergency production meeting helmed by Oosawa regarding the predicament of Meiko's underwear fanservice - with the production of the first promotional video and première episode underway. The animation staff suggest the use of black underwear with Meiko's upskirt shots and more modest underwear despite the objection of a shocked Tsujiko and Miura. To the disgust of the magazine staff, Mizushima suggests that the underwear colours are alternated using rock-paper-scissors on a weekly basis. The magazine staff decide to contact Akira Hiramoto despite the mangaka's confidence in the animation committee, after the first meeting is adjourned. When Tsujiko calls the absent mangaka at his manga studio, he objects to the idea of non-canonical underwear for Meiko. The second emergency meeting begins with an angered Miura, Mizushima and the animation staff debating a huge impasse. The suggestion a newly-arrived Iida makes of a deep purple is to the animation committee's satisfaction and gains the approval of Hiramoto. The staff begin hurriedly relaying orders to approve the change and begin color editing. The animation committee approve the master edition of the second episode for television broadcast - complete with the lightbeam censoring only missing from the home release edition.

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