The Number-One Man of Asia (アジアNO.1の男 Ajia Nanbāwan no Otoko) is the third chapter special of the The Men Who Created the Prison School Anime featuring Hiroshi Kamiya. The chapter was published alongside Chapter 186 in Weekly Young Magazine.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The manga artist Yasuhisa Kubo (wearing an Azazel mask) approves of Tsumotsu Mizushima's appointment as the director of the "Prison School" anime. At midnight in an unnamed Tokyo bar, Mizushima conducts a casual meeting with Hiroshi Kamiya. Though his intention is to recruit Hiroshi for the voice actor of the central protagonist Kiyoshi due to his popularity, the actor refuses owing to the director's previous trickery in recruiting him for an inferior role of a penguin in Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. Though Hiroshi shows an interest in the plot upon reading the manga with the barmaster and believes himself singularly capable to act Kiyoshi, this contrasts with his reluctance towards not auditioning for the role and the mature nature of the manga. However, Hiroshi Kamiya accepts the role on the presumption that the series is to become an OVA because of its risqué nature - thus resulting in Mizushima's second deception.

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