The Nonchalant Man (なんでもいい男 Nandemo Ii Otoko) is the second chapter special of the The Men Who Created the Prison School Anime featuring Toshihiro Miura. The chapter was serialised independently in Weekly Young Magazine on August 3th, 2015.

Summary[edit | edit source]

At the anime production studio for SHIROBAKO, Tsumotsu Mizushima exits the confines of his production cell to accept the directing role of the "Prison School" anime. Though Tsujiko invites him to the anime production planning confererence, he reschedules the conference to his advantage before returning to the seclusion of his storyboard. A few days later at the "Prison School" initial production meeting in a conference room of the Kodansha building, the production staff for the anime assemble. The representatives Osawa of J.C.Staff, Matsukara of Egg Firm and Kawase of Warner Bros. are joined by Takuya Matsushita, the "Prison School" manga editor Toshihiro Miura and Tsujiko. Though the producers show strong interest in the production of the anime, both Miura and express their doubts about an anime before requesting the opinion of the original creator - Akira Hiramoto himself. With the manga artist's approval overruling them, the editor asks them to produce the anime with censorship after Mizushima immediately starts devising the fanservice.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The chapter features a special appearance in the initial production meeting by the original creator Akira Hiramoto.

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