The Crazed Man (クレイジーな男 Kureijī na Otoko) is the tenth chapter special of the The Men Who Created the Prison School Anime. The finale chapter was serialised in Young Magazine the 3rd on December 4th, 2015.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The anime committee assemble to preview the master edition of the third anime episode. The lengthy sound of Gakuto's self defecation plays, earning directing Tsumotsu Mizushima the disgust of the production staff who strongly question its presence in the recording. The moisture and depth of the sound is enough to take Tsujiko's appetite for her onigiri away, with the others ditching flasks and water bottles on the table. The staff realise that Mizushima did not inform them and disobeyed Kawase's previous instruction to the production crew to leave the scene silent. The producer Kawase also points out that Mizushima lacked the permission from the original creator to add the sound. The episode ends and Kawase reminds Mizushima outside of the conference room that the episode storyboard could fail broadcast examination for being inappropriate - with the anime's episodes facing individual scrutiny due to their high age rating. The response Mizushima gives is an emotional speech about the difficulty of the anime's production and the need to balance the storyboards' authenticity to the original manga with that of the broadcast requirements. The anime committee convince Mizushima to commission a cleaner sound recording however, with the third episode approved for state broadcasting.

The production staff are discussing the anime over tea in a restaurant later, when Mizushima suggests full movement for the horses in the Flight of Shimazu scene of the finale episode. This suggestion is to the horror of the others and Matsukara declares it impossible, as the quadrupedal motion for the scene requires a specialist animator despite their lack of reserve staff for the final episode. The offer of Mizushima to create the storyboard of the ninth episode, complete with detailed imagery of tornadoes and flying sweat, is to Tsujiko's shock. The others object to Mizushima'd declaration of his intent to produce the most insane anime in the world, with Tsujiko realising the reason for his "crazyboy" epithet. To his disappointment, Matsukara reprimands him for placing pressure on their tenuous production schedule. The dejected withdrawal of Mizushima's last idea earns him the applause of the other producers, with Toshihiro Miura visibly relieved. Thus, the anime broadcast stays on schedule with the other producers curbing the director's continual attempts to add flourishes to the plot. The chapter ends at the recording studio when the self-defecation recording of Gakuto receives a hundred attempts under Mizushima's oversight, before being condensed into three farts over a ten-second period and being halved in length once more to comply with the other producers' requests.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Tsujiko
  • Tsumotsu Mizushima
  • Toshihiro Miura
  • Takehito Morokuzu (flashback)
  • Matsukara
  • Kawase
  • Oosawa
  • Meiko Shiraki (flashback)
  • Andou Reiji (flashback)
  • Shingo Wakamoto (flashback)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The magazine version revealed that the sound of Gakuto's self-defecation is organic.

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