The Prisoner's Premonition (囚人たちの予感 Shūjintachi no Yokan) is 89th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on March 25th, 2013 and published in tankobon format in Volume 10 on October 4th, 2013.


After everyone in the school finds out that the Underground Student Council members Hana Midorikawa, Mari Kurihara, and Meiko Shiraki are sentenced to imprisonment, many of the girls are disillusioned because they looked up to those girls. The boys are shocked as well, though Gakuto believes that they won't resort to violence on the Underground Student Council members because Mitsuko is part of the normal Student Council. This also manages to put Chiyo's mind at ease, as her sister is also part of this trio too. In the Prison Block, Hana, Meiko Shiraki, and Mari are forced to undress and change into their prison uniforms by Kate and the Aboveground Student Council. Though Meiko unsuccessfully attempts to rebel, it turns out to be useless and the USC trio comply with Kate's order. When Kate tells Risa to body-search Mari to ensure she isn't carrying any items, Risa callously damages Mari's modesty with a slash of her wooden shinai. This provocation angered Meiko and Hana who try to fight off Risa, only to have their attacks deflected and Mari ordering them to stop. Though Mari surmises that Kate's goal is to provoke the girls and extend their sentences, Kate accuses her of doing the same with the boys and called her a base woman. Later Kate explains the obvious; that they're here for doing terrible things to the boys and violating many school rules. Meanwhile, Joe, Kiyoshi, Andre, and Gakuto tell Shingo that they saw a glimpse down Anzu's collar the other day, which surprises him greatly and makes him angry. Their conversation is interrupted by the ASC members escorting the USC members through campus; Meiko, Hana, and Mari all wearing the prison uniforms that Mitsuko got for them despite the clothing being of the wrong size. The sight of the group walking past Kiyoshi disturbs him, as he senses something ominous despite being unable to pinpoint exactly what it was.




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