The Girl Can't Help It (女はそれを我慢できない Onna wa Sore o Gaman Deki nai) is the 88th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on March 18st, 2013 and published in tankobon format in Volume 9 on July 5th, 2013.


In the courtyard of the main building, Shingo reveals an elaborate plan he created for Gakuto's upcoming date to the other boys. However, everyone laughs at it however - with Joe's laugh being the most noticably energetic and Kiyoshi describing it as a two hour drama. A newly-arrived Anzu interrupts their conversation and learned that they were planning out a date for a "friend" of theirs, only to find out that it's actually for Mitsuko and Gakuto to her shock. To the collective surprise of the boys, Anzu informs the boys that Mitsuko is her cousin and describes her as kind, gentle, yet a huge klutz. When she continues to say that Mitsuko is part of the Student Council, this is the cause of extremely worry and agitation for the boys. However, Anzu's claim that Mitsuko is actually a member of the official Aboveground Student Council and not the Underground Student Council calms them down.

At the Student Council's office in a school shed, Gakuto helps Mitsuko move equipment from the room. When Gakuto mentions his relief at her being in the official Student Council, Mitsuko reassures him and thanks him for his help. In the Chairman's office, the Chairman is forced to accept Kate Takenomiya's complaint on the "leniency" of the USC's punishment of dorm arrest on principle. At the courtyard of the main building, Gakuto is suprised by Mitsuko posting a notice of the USC's imprisonment. Meanwhile, the Underground Student Council members are sentenced by Kate and her secretary Risa Bettou for violation of the school rules, who force them to wear prison uniforms and lock them up in the Prison Block the same way the boys were previously.




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