The Night Porter (愛と憎悪の嵐 Ai to Zōo no Arashi) is the 84th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on February 9th, 2013 and published in tankobon format in Volume 9 on July 5th, 2013.


A little later Gakuto tries to tell his friends about his experiences with Mitsuko after seeing her upskirt and insisitng that it wasn't an actual date, but they have a difficult time believing what he's explaining to them. To Gakuto's annoyance, his friends begin devising comical nicknames for Mitsuko, like Rube Klutz.  After Joe leaves and goes outside, Kiyoshi announces that he's happy for Gakuto that he was able to talk to a girl finally. Andre goes outside to ask Joe what he's doing all alone. Andre tries to get Joe to rejoin them again, as they're going to plan Gakuto's first date, but Joe insists harshly that he just wants to be left alone for some reason.  Joe explains that he doesn't have the grace everyone else has; that ever since they got released from prison, he hasn't been content, that he hasn't been able to sleep, no matter how many sleeping pills that he took, that he has nothing that he can rely on. Andre rebuttles by saying that he can rely on his friends, but Joe repeats that he doesn't have the grace everyone else has.  He points out that Kiyoshi, Shingo, Andre, and even the socially-disgraced Gakuto have all found girls that they can get along with, but that he isn't like all of them.  

Meanwhile, Gakuto and Mitsuko meet up again at the library. After they between them Gakuto drops his books, and Mitsuki helps him pick them up.  Once again Mitsuko's underwear becomes snagged and broken on the branch of a potted plant, and she crouches down to the floor in embarrassment. Meanwhile, Joe is walking outside alone, thinking that when he was in the prison, he was one fifth of a man.  He felt his life had meaning, but now that he's out, the feels that the fraction is so small hat it's completely meaningless, that there's no place for him in the free world, and that he wants to go home.  In an attempt to get sentenced back to the prison which he feels was a paradise, Joe tries to reach out and grab the skirt of a nearby girl.  



  • The chapter title references Italian mature psychological drama film The Night Porter.
  • The magazine cover of the chapter featured Meiko Shiraki.


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