Hana on the Counter-Attack (逆襲の花 Gyakushū no Hana) is the 39th chapter of the Prison School (Manga), serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on January 7th, 2011, and published in tankobon format in Volume 5 on July 6th, 2012.

Summary[edit | edit source]

At the nurse's office, Kiyoshi is interrupted by a urinal-armed Hana while he is disinfecting and cleaning the wound on the hospital bed. To his horror, Hana decides to exact her revenge by ordering him to urinate right in front of her. Though Kiyoshi struggles and resists Hana's efforts force him to urinate for some time, she decides to stand up above him and urinate on him. However, they are interrupted when Chiyo entering the room in search of Kiyoshi and the two quickly hide under the bed in terror. Chiyo pulls the curtain that were hiding the hospital bed, with the two in close proximity and their lower halves exposed. However, Kiyoshi's discomfort and excitement makes him stiff to Hana's embarrassment. Though Chiyo finally leaves the room and he exits from below the bed to beg forgiveness, Kiyoshi realizes that she had fainted.

While at his office, the Chairman recieves an online delivery package when Mari arrives to report Jo's incident. During Mari's report, the Chairman points out that she has exaggerated the situation which she objects to when their conversation is interrupted by his office phone ringing on his desk. Though she suggests that he should go to receive the call, the Chairman stays seated on the chair as he is hiding a fetish mouspad. After Mari questions him about his strange behaviour, he finally leaves to respond to the call while physically concealing the package in an effort to disguise it. However, Mari saw the mouse on the chair which had fallen out of the unsealed box. When the Chairman returns and discovers that she has seen the mousepad, he makes an excuse about the mousepad through his wrist pain but she feigns indifference and leaves the room abruptly. In the corridor, an angered Mari concludes that DTO must be intensified.

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