Sweet Life (甘い生活 Amai Seikatsu) is the 35th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on November 21th, 2011, and published in tankobon format in Volume 4 on April 6th, 2012.


After Kiyoshi waits outside the toilet building for the person occupying the cubicle, he surprisingly met Hana when she leaves the cubicle. Hana re-enters the toilet building again to challenge him about the breakout he committed after he returns to clean the cubicles. When she corners the frightened Kiyoshi inside, his suprised retreat is interpreted as disgust for her & she forces a fearful Kiyoshi to concede that she is not a monster. Hana rationalises that her revenge will only be equal to the embarrassment he subjected her to. Though Hana threatens to urinate over him in revenge, she leaves in a hurry after their protracted argument is over.

When Hana arrives at the USC office late, the USC begin their meeting on DTO where they decide to force the boys to cause trouble through their internal turmoil and turn the public opinion of the staff and students against them. When Hana identifies that Kiyoshi is being ostracised by the other boys with Shingo as the motivator. However, Mari again uses the phrase "Operation DTO" which has double usage of the word 'operation'; Hana corrects her a while later to "DTO" before Meiko is able to. After the prisoners' work detail is complete for the day, Shingo is held back by Meiko instead of returning into the Prison Block to the worry of the other boys. At the guard office of the Prison Block, Meiko discusses Kiyoshi's breakout and he eats the cake she offered to him. The Vice President assigns him to a personal task.



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