Disdain (軽蔑 Keibetsu) is the 29th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on October 3rd, 2011, and published in tankobon format in Volume 4 on April 6th, 2012.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Shingo and Gakuto watch, Meiko kicks the door down to find a crying Kiyoshi seated on the toilet. While Meiko is angry at Kiyoshi for not answering her, Shingo is shocked at his tears and assumes he is in pain because of his apparent haemorrhoids. Meiko leaves in disgust at his tears and Shingo reprimands him for using the toilet excessively before following her, leaving Gakuto with Kiyoshi. With the two now alone, Gakuto congratulates Kiyoshi on returning earlier & ending the sumo match early. Though Kiyoshi's tears and admission of his failure cause Gakuto to assume that he didn't purchase the figurine, he produces the packaged collector figurines out of his bag to Gakuto's happiness. After Gakuto hides the the figurines inside the cubicle, they both leave the toilet building with Kiyoshi unable to tell Gakuto about the failed date.

However, they are addressed by Mari when the two boys came out of the toilet building, who is flanked by Meiko and Shingo. Recognising him and his loafers from the school gate, Mari asks Kiyoshi if he enjoyed the sumo match to their horror. Kiyoshi feigns ignorance until Mari shows them the photo of Kiyoshi and Chiyo eating together to his shock. Mari reveals that Chiyo is her little sister, and then correctly guesses that the escape method he used was crossdressing when Kiyoshi confesses. The commotion alerts the other boys who go & listen to their conversation. When Meiko searches Kiyoshi's bag, she found Gakuto's hair & Chiyo's uniform that was used as the disguise to Mari's disgust. A furious Mari leaves before Meiko who tells Kiyoshi to prepare for his punishment. In the meantime, the others boys who listened the conversation are angry as their sentence had been lengthened, to their shock. Shingo hits Kiyoshi in the face in anger at his betrayal.

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