Take Me Out to the Sumoland (私をスモーに連れてって Watashi o Sumō ni Tsuretette) is the 27th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on September 17th, 2011 and published in tankobon format in Volume 3 on January 6th, 2012.

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At Ryougoku Sumo Hall, Chiyo and Kiyoshi start watching the ensuing student sumo tournament. Though Chiyo is highly interested in watching, Kiyoshi diverts his attention from the wrestling to her instead, out of sheer boredom. Suddenly, Chiyo asks Kiyoshi whether he has eaten lunch and tells him about the lunchbox she made. Pretending to have skipped lunch, Kiyoshi starts eating the riceballs which are plain and salted, and she offers him tea. At the school's sports ground, Shingo notes that Gakuto and Kiyoshi actually have an easier job than they do while taking a break. The Vice-President asks Gakuto where Kiyoshi is and he tells her that Kiyoshi is still in the toilet. Meiko enters the toilets to ask him personally about his excessive toilet breaks but Gakuto manages to transmit the recording to the wireless speakers within. She leaves in disgust after whipping Gakuto on the head & his laughing at having successfully deceived her disgust the girls further. At the sumo tournament, Chiyo activates her camera and films the wrestling while Kiyoshi continues eating. When she starts taking pictures with him, both of them feel more romantic. However, Kiyoshi is forced to leave to go to the toilet because of overeating and Chiyo spills the tea flask all over Kiyoshi's bag. When she opens it, she discovers a girl's uniform with her nametag on the blazer to her utter shock, recognising it as hers.

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