Mindscape (記憶探偵と鍵のかかった少女 Kioku Tantei to Kagi no Kakatta Shoujo) is the 234th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on October 31th, 2016.


Kate proclaims that she has one final trump card up her sleeves. Meiko instantly regards it as a bluff and then proceeds to kick Risa off of Andre, hoping to remove each member one by one. In the audience, -Mari reminds Kate of the terms of the cavalry battle - that whichever student council loses the match will ultimately have to disband. Refusing surrender, Kate continues to threaten Mari with her trump card. Now very desperate, Kate slowly reaches her hands towards Mitsuko's hair buns, revealing Mitsuko to be her trump card and prompting worry from Anzu.

The story shifts to the Chairman's situation. The Chairman and Mr. Important are relieved that they narrowly escaped death and that the menacing bear is finally trapped. They run to greet and embrace their canine savior. When it is the chairman's turn to embrace the dog, he violently shakes it in a show of excessive gratitude, causing the dog to viciously bite his arm. The pain is a mental stimulus, causing him to fling the dog and remember being bit by the same dog hours ago. In the following moment, the Chairman regains the rest of his lost memories, later recalling that his favorite South American beach is Copacabana. To Mr. Important's shock, the Chairman declares that he is an educator who must urgently return.



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to Spanish-American thriller film Mindscape.


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