Hell on Earth (阿修羅のごとく Ashura no Gotoku) is the 233th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on October 31th, 2016.


In the cavalry battle, the Underground Student Council team are on brink of collapse due to their excessive momentum. In response, Meiko suddenly commands Kiyoshi Hana to jump on top of her, to the shock of the Aboveground Student Council cavalry team and the audience. With surging speed, Meiko lifts the whole USC cavalry team as the team’s mount, arms outstretched. The other schoolboys react in surprise at Meiko’s strength lifting the whole formation. In a burst of inspiration, Anzu and Gakuto realize the USC cavalry team can scale the mountainous Andre using handmarks from Chiyo’s previous climb route. In the distant mountainous forest clearing, the passerby dog barks at the bear who has his paw outswept. To the admiration of the Chairman and Mr. Important, he dives at the bear and circles the animal to create a diversion in an act of sheer bravery. The dog is likened to a Matagi hound by the Chairman, who decides to bring him to South America to play beach sports with beautiful women. The bear starts pursuing the dog after they stop circling the predator. However, the dog leads the bear in a blind charge away from the clearing and into the bear trap within the forest outgrowth.

In the cavalry battle, Kate insists that Meiko carrying the USC team as the sole mount is cheating. However, this is to Mari’s objection as she points out the ASC has a sole mount. Through sheer power, Meiko seizes Andre’s skin and uses Chiyo’s route as handholds, beginning a rapid ascent up Andre’s back while supporting all three USC cavalry jockeys. The now-eliminated USC schoolgirl cavalry team realize that their successful ascent served a purpose to the battle. In a massive change of momentum for the ASC, their cavalry team becomes desperate and argumentative because of Andre’s lack of movement. However, Risa defends Andre as sufficiently serving the team. In the distance, Mitsuko notices the silhouette of Meiko completing her ascent, appearing to dwarf that of the other ASC members in size. In a victorious flourish, Mari declares the battle to be over and offers Kate an opportunity to surrender. However, Kate refuses to admit defeat as Mari approaches to take her headband. In desperation, Kate states that everyone in the cavalry battle will regret Mari’s attempt to do so, a cryptic reference to her ultimate weapon and last gambit.



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to Japanese slice-of-life drama film Like Asura


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