The Bicentennial Andre (アンドレーNDR114 Andorē NDR 114) is the 231st chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on October 10th, 2016.


In the midst of the cavalry battle, an emboldened Risa demands that Andre licks her bare feet while Meiko heaps insults on him. The other schoolboys in the audience react with shock at Risa's offer, beginning to comprehend its allure and Andre's predicament. They realise that Risa's offer is equally attractive as Meiko - a struggle between dominatrix talent and effort. Through copying Meiko's saliva trick, Risa gains Andre's full attention and the upper hand. However, Meiko changes tactics by withdrawing her offer which lends her the advantage. In the ensuing chaos, Andre charges at Meiko and halts within reach when Risa threatens to hate Andre for licking.

In the mountainous forestry nearby, the bear swipes at the heads of the Chairman and Mr. Important. The Chairman has a sudden upsurge of memories from South America, recalling beautiful women on Copacabana beach. Inches from being mauled by the bear's distended claws, the Chairman imagines returning to South America in a future life. However, a canine creature bounds at the bear midswipe and distracts them. In the sports ground, Andre struggles to speak fully and restrain himself from licking Meiko's boot. Unbeknownest to the others, Andre begins to regain human conciousness and becomes conflicted as to whether he is human as Risa says or animalistic per Meiko. The other boys realise that the contradictory orders don't compute to Andre's masochism and that he has ceased to function.



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to American science-fiction thriller film Bicentennial Man.
  • The "Andreid" robot pun that the boys make is a plot reference to the film.


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