I Have To Lick The New Shoes (新しい靴を舐めなくちゃ Atarashii Kutsu o Name Nakucha) is the 230th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on October 3rd, 2016.


In the midst of the cavalry battle, Meiko raises her shoe in offering, to which Andre responds by heavily tightening his gag harness. In spite of Risa's efforts to regain Andre's attention and prevent him from approaching Meiko, Andre tears through the gag ball of Risa's reins with his teeth to the shock of the other schoolboys in the audience. To the ASC's horror, Kate realizes that Meiko can dismount the group simply by commanding Andre to roll. In a burst of impulsivity, Risa clears Andre's head and hangs onto his brow, offering him her own foot to lick. This act appears to restore Risa's control over Andre.

In response to Risa's successful ploy, Meiko gathers phlegm from her throat and spits angrily onto her shoe. Meiko's attempt to blame Andre is met by Risa offering him both feet. In confusion at the two dominants offering him their shoes, Andre speaks for the first time in a week. The other schoolboys in the audience become emotional at watching Andre, pleading with Risa to concede by letting him lick Meiko's shoes. Though Joe describes Andre's previous urge to lick the Vice-President's shoes in the Prison Block, his plea fails when she values her relationship with him. The last-ditch response Risa produces is to remove her shoes, placing Andre in a conundrum.




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