Tomorrow Never Die (トゥモロー・ネバー・ダイ Tumorō Nebā Dai) is the 23rd chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on August 8th, 2011 and published in tankobon format in Volume 3 on January 6th, 2012.


The cleaner leaves the parking lot behind the girls' dorm with Kiyoshi inside his van. Though Kiyoshi has obtained a girl's uniform, he is stuck inside the locked vehicle and will be caught at the end of the journey & punished if he cannot escape it. Gakuto realises that as a result of this, his date with Chiyo and Gakuto's chance to buy rare figurines would be ruined and the boys would get a month extension to their sentence by shared responsibility. However, the van crushes a laundry basket and the cleaner stops the vehicle to remove the object from under the tyres. Gakuto congratulates Kiyoshi for planting the basket there beforehand and he thanks Gakuto for his distraction. Though Kiyoshi notices that Gakuto urinated on himself in the process, Gakuto just shrugs it off.

At the USC office, Meiko reports that the boys have become more rebellious and have adapted to the prison conditions, though Mari blames her inadequate supervision. Meiko proposes to increase their punishment and strengthen their surveillance. Mari threatens her to ensure that the boys do not cause a scandal in the Track & Field District Meet. Meanwhile in the mess hall of the Prison Block, the boys look forward to the relatively easy work and seeing girls when they help out at the event, while Gakuto only craves his figurines. In the girls' dorm Chiyo is talking to Mayumi about the sumo wrestling tournament favourite, even though Mayumi isn't paying any attention. After lights-out in the Prison Block with his sumo rubber in hand, Kiyoshi resolves to make the breakout a success.



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