The Revenant (レヴェナント: 蘇りし者 Revenanto: Yomigaerishi Mono) is the 229th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on September 26th, 2016.


In the midst of the cavalry battle at the sports ground, Kate urges Risa to ignore Meiko's revival and eliminate the USC cavalry team to no avail. To Risa's surprise, Andre appears frozen in shock at the sight of the now-revived Vice-President. The ASC become further agitated by Meiko as she approaches the ASC cavalry team and threatens to punish Andre. When Mari praises the simplistic beauty and Buddhist references of Meiko's song, Risa uses the distraction to unsheate her shinai and strike Andre.

In the mountainside forest clearing within greater Tokyo, the Chairman and Mr. Important lay on the floor in fear of the giant bear within striking distance. Though the pair decide upon slowly retreating in their combined position, Mr. Important's cat interrupts the standoff by hissing in fear at them. The strange figure the pair create confuses the cat, who responds to the sound of his master's voice by attacking and separating them. The situation becomes dangerous for the pair, as the bear rears up into a striking position and the cat sits upon Mr. Important once more.

In the cavalry battle, a rejuvenated Andre starts charging at the USC cavalry team. The roaring stampede is brought to a halt by Meiko, who berates Andre for interrupting their conversation. The shinai fails to restore Risa's control over Andre, and a lack of more lethal weapons sends her into desperation. As punishment for Andre's actions, Meiko commands Andre to lick her shoe.



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to Western epic film The Revenant.


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