Beyond Beauty: Humans from Above (天空からの招待状 Tenkuu kara no Shoutai Jou) is the 226th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on August 29th, 2016.


In the main courtyard of the sports ground, Mari begins singing her ode to Meiko while both Kiyoshi and Meiko are incapacitated by the angels' presence. The crowd of schoolgirls is disturbed by the USC cavalry team's strange behaviour and lack of composure, with the boys and Anzu also visibly uncomfortable. When Kate offers to take Hana's headband and end the cavalry battle in order to pacify the students, Hana resolves to ignore Kate's machination and sing with Mari in confusion.

In the mountainous forestry of greater Tokyo, an armed Mr. Important prepares to critically shoot the bear with his shotgun at the Chairman's direction. However, the shot misses when Chairman dives towards Mr. Important and pulls his comrade's underwear up to avoid embarassment - giving the bear the opening to swipe the gun away from them and destroy the barrel.

In a middle school flashback, Meiko laments her failure to complete the lyrics to Meiko's ode. The flashback shows her frequenting the library and museum in order to compose the completed song without sucess, until the fateful day of the graduation ceremony when Meiko actually finishes the composition. Though Meiko attempts to approach Mari and give her the song, seeing the crowds of other schoolgirls around her giving her expensive gifts is discouraging enough to stop her from doing so. The disembodied soul of Meiko is pulled away from Mari by the angelic figures, while Kiyoshi emotionally bids her farewell.




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