Obsession (愛のメモリー Ai no Memorī) is the 225th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on August 22nd, 2016.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In the main courtyard of the sports ground, Meiko's disembodied soul approaches the USC cavalry team. The sight of her unconscious body still standing and supporting the cavalry formation surprises Meiko. To her own horror, Mari removes her torn shirt and ties it around Meiko's chest to conceal her nipples - also at the cost of her own modesty. In fear of her anger, Meiko desperately tries to cover Mari's bosom and fails when she is reminded of her transient state. The older ephemeral Meiko then sees a flashback of a younger Meiko composing sheet music in her bedroom for Mari's song - and is heavily disjointed by the abrupt change. In the flashback, Meiko struggles to compose a good piano tune which results in the wastepaper bin filling up with incomplete sheet music.

In the cavalry battle, Kiyoshi begins crying and shouting in desperation while the other USC members panic at Meiko's death. Though Kate tries to question Mari on her agreement to reveal her modesty, she is disturbed by the USC team's disarray and further perturbed by Meiko and Kiyoshi's strange facial appearance. In complete defiance of Kate, Mari begins singing the first line of her ode of Meiko. In the mountainous forestry of greater Tokyo, the wild bear attacks Mr. Important as he raises the shotgun. However, he is unable to shoot the bear as he trips on his falling underwear - only to be narrowly saved by the newly-arrived Chairman. The pair retreat and the Chairman discusses the best way of killing the creature for meat - preferring a vital shot for flavour and suggesting bourbon to go with the meat. In the undergrowth, the pair resolve to kill the pursuing bear together. In Meiko's flashback within the park, a younger Meiko commits to composing a melody for her song by the middle school graduation ceremony. However, Meiko fails and apologises for the unfulfilled promise at the time of her middle school graduation despite Mari forgiving her. The scene reminds the older Meiko of her promise, which remains unfulfilled to this day two years later.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to American psychological thriller film Obsession.

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