The Imitation Game (イミテーション・ゲーム Imitēshon Gēmu) is the 221th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on July 11th, 2016.


In the main courtyard of the sports ground, the defeated schoolboys watch in shock from the sidelines as Andre tears the sports uniform from Mari's upper body and almost reveals her bosom. In one panicked moment, Mari realises that she is in a difficult position with Hana's only hand maintaining the cavalry formation and Kiyoshi unable to touch Meiko's chest to protect her modesty. The calculated decision Mari makes is to have Kiyoshi hide her whole bosom with his right hand while she continues to hide Meiko's, freeing his other arm for the cavalry formation. The very idea of this act strongly intensifies Kiyoshi's emotional turmoil and he adamantly refuses, as he continually cries through the whole battle from the windfall of his previous self-exposure. Thus, Mari's plan is ruined at the moment of its conception. Though Anzu declares the cavalry team safe, Gakuto points out that everyone in the USC cavalry team has all their hands engaged which prevents victory through any attack on Kate's headband.

In the mountainous forestry surrounding Tokyo, the Chairman trains Mr. Important's shotgun on him in a reversal of the situation and accuses him of deception. Though Mr. Important pleads with him and Honey to turn around and understand the shock of his situation, the two remain oblivious to the bear behind them. The Chairman accuses him of attempting to shoot him in the back with a concealed firearm, despite Mr. Important pointing out that the Chairman is the armed one. This refusal drives Mr. Important to remove his clothes in order to convince him that they are accompanied by a bear. Though an openhanded Mr. Important removes his suit, shirt and phone, the Chairman and Honey tell him to remove his underwear as they suspect him of hiding a gun in his briefs. In the cavalry formation, Gakuto declares to Anzu that the USC cavalry team is doomed to definite defeat. This situation plays into Kate's hands, who gloatingly degrades the USC as imminent losers. In an apparent change from her previous attitude, Kate stop Andre from seizing Mari's headband and produces bear pasties.




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