Stairway to Heaven (天国への階段 Tengoku e no Kaidan) is the 220th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on July 4th, 2016.


In the midst of the Cavalry Battle, Meiko's tank top is ripped after the Underground Student Council's cavalry team barely evade Andre's swipe. Though Mari tries to stop Meiko from covering her chest and collapsing the cavalry team, a topless Meiko is compelled by Kate to hide her barely concealed bosom. This forces Mari to reach forward over Meiko's shoulders and protect her friend's modesty with her hands. The deduction Mari makes is that Kate wanted Meiko to release Mari's shoes to reduce the number of hands on them from four points of contact to two in the cavalry formation. Though Mari plans to unleash Kiyoshi's manhood once more and buy herself time to fix Meiko's top, an emotional Kiyoshi is now disgusted by this concept and is unable to execute her command. When Chiyo asks whether she can stop the match and allow Meiko time to change clothing, Anzu quickly produces the official rulebook which expressly forbids any interruption to the match in that specific situation.

In the mountainous forestry on Tokyo's outskirts, Mr. Important, accompanied by two gunmen, surrounds the Chairman and Honey before trading insults with him. Though Mr. Important sights the gigantic wild bear behind the Chairman and asks him to return into the cage for safety, the Chairman does not believe him and accuses him of lying as well as cowardice. The two gunmen run away at the sight of the bear behind him, while the oblivious Chairman disarms a terrified Mr. Important and trains his shotgun at his chest in a reversal of their situation. In the sports ground in the meantime, Andre attempts a raised right-handed swipe at the USC cavalry team. The quick evasive manoeuvre Hana makes contrasts with Kiyoshi's complete lack of movement which invites Mari's anger. The second swipe Andre levels at them narrowly misses the whole cavalry team and tears into Hana's underwear, forcing her to hold her underwear up to prevent it from falling and leading to Mari further insulting a traumatised Kiyoshi. The insults are misconstrued by Meiko to refer to her, which brings her to tears until Mari reassures her once more. In an instant after Kate's declaration of victory, Andre instantly circles the cavalry team and tears Mari's shirt with one right-handed swipe.



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to British romantic fantasy film Stairway to Heaven.


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