Help! (ヘルプ!彼女はアイドル Herupu! Kanojo wa Aidoru) is the 216th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on May 30th, 2016.


In the courtyard of the sports ground, Kate reveals that Mayumi is an internet idol who does live-comment broadcasts. In the webcam footage she has previosly taken, she streams about her life to her fanbase in extreme detail - to conversations about her hairstyle, the meaning of her pseudonym and exercise. However, the revelation is to Mayumi's shock as she has yet to confide this information in her best friend Chiyo. The situation is precarious for Mayumi, who decides to deny allegations of a second life when other schoolgirls discover her latest video with a masked Nayutan. However, Kate reveals that the Aboveground Student Council has downloaded other livestream videos and the schoolgirls search for the backups Kate created. The schoolgirls also realize that the idol name is an anagram for her real name, which is a source of derision for Mayumi.

Though Mayumi presumes that the mask hides her anonymity, the schoolgirls find videos of her doing exercise with a nasal mask revealing her face. The schoolgirls are invited to watch Kate's private montage of her three-episode diet series which confirm her identity as Nayutan. The crowd of ASC students surround Chiyo's cavalry team with growling chants to mock Mayumi's theme. Though Jo and Chiyo accuse Kate of harassing Mayumi by revealing her online persona without permission, Kate deflects with the claim that she is furthering Mayumi's idol popularity. Though Mayumi loses her courage in the face of the crowd's ridicule, Jo identifies that her idol career would be damaged by the ridicule despite her hard work. The plan Jo devises for Mayumi is to nullify the crows's chant by using it herself and embracing her second life without shame, like a true idol. The girls commiserate the damage Kate inflicted on them with her insults when Satou confides her fear in the rest of them. However, the girls rally together with the growling chant symbolic of Nayutan and charge at the ASC cavalry team.



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to British musical comedy film Help!.


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