Bra Girls (ブラガール Buragāru) is the 215th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on May 16th, 2016.


In the midst of the Cavalry Battle, Kate incites the whole crowd of schoolgirls to probe Satou and she becomes the target of the girls' chanting. When Satou buckles under their pressure and reveals the nickname of her boyfriend to be "Ryomacchi" (りょーまっち), a student in the crowd realises that her boyfriend is in a relationship with them too. Though Satou presumes that this is impossible and specifies that her boyfriend is posh, another girl identifies Yoshida as her boyfriend based on Satou's information and Kate deduces that he is a philanderer. This news is to Satou and Jo's shock when they both start coughing blood. The second target Kate selects is Anzu, who dismisses Kate's warning of her chest being visible until she reveals that Anzu wears a D-cup bra with a C-cup chest. The crowd of schoolgirls begins insulting an unsettled Anzu with the claim that she has a small bust, which Risa participates in.

The gyaru-cavalry jockey is asked by Kate to inspect Anzu's chest to see whether it is closer to her bra size of a D-cup - even though she lacks knowledge of bra sizes and use dieting as an excuse. In spite of Shingo's intervention to get her to wear pasties or a fitted bra to prevent her chest from showing, an angered Anzu retracts her previous offer to reward Shingo with touching her chest after the contest. The angered Jo tells Gakuto to focus when draws a similarity between Kate and the Three Kingdoms tyrant Sun Hao. The third target Kate focuses on is Gakuto when she questions the plastic bottle on his head and the illogical name of the flightless PBR. The exasparated Gakuto shows visible discomfort when Kate labels the PBR fragment and their jockey as trash and the schoolgirls start chanting "garbage" (ゴミ) at them. Their consequent ridicule of Gakuto's self-defecation foils Jo's attempt to launch a verbal counterattack. The momentum of their verbal battle now strongly in Kate's favour, Kate reveals to Mayumi's horror that she is an internet idol under the pseudonym of "Nayuta Makami".



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to Japanese dance comedy-drama film Hula Girls.


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