The Counselor (悪口の法則 Waraguchi no Housoku) is the 213th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on April 18th, 2016.


In the All-Student-Council Cavalry Battle within the courtyard of the sports ground, the emotional Andre's exclamation of utter horror at the sight of Meiko's illusionary Vice-President persona leaves his jockeys narrowly clinging to him. With Kate's exultation at the now-reversed Meiko's visible fear of Andre, Gakuto realises her deduction of the Vice-President persona as a merely decorative façade. The advance of Kate and the ASC cavalry team is halted by the sudden convulsions of Andre. Though Gakuto believes that the uncontrollable Andre is angered by the gambit of the infantilised Meiko, Shingo and Jo theorise that Andre's physical upheaval is motivated by sadness at Meiko's lost masochistic appeal.

The visionary strategy Mari devises in using Andre's mental disarray to force the jockeys' fall and win the contest is praised by Gakuto. The other schoolboys hurl a barrage of verbal abuse at Risa to foil her attempts at controlling a restive Andre and abet this goal. Though the impressive verbal efforts of Shingo dwarfs that of the other boys, his admission that their relationship is romantic causes Andre to rear up. The enraged Risa is barely able to keep the ASC cavalry jockeys mounted on Andre while she is riled by insults at her "indecent" relationship with Andre - scattering the large crowd of schoolgirls below as they evade a haywire Andre. The shocked Gakuto watches Jo prepare an offensive magical technique while Shingo levels more insults at Risa - before constructing a large airborne magical circle above himself and Gakuto.



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to British crime thriller film The Counselor.
  • The manga editor defines Jo's magical ability as subjective imagination in the magazine version.


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