My Darling Clementine (荒野の決闘 Kouya no Kettou) is the 211th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised on April 4th, 2016 in Weekly Young Magazine.

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In the courtyard of the sports ground, the Underground Student Council cavalry team faces the Aboveground Student Council's team while the latter are disturbed by Kiyoshi's rampant manhood. Though the USC team believes the outcome as yet be determined, Kate observes that the popularity of the USC will be affected by their indecent use of Kiyoshi as a human weapon. The claim of Mari that Kiyoshi's nudity is accidental is followed by her forcing the student body to retreat before them, despite Kiyoshi's inability to cover his nudity in the striped panties. With Kiyoshi unable to restrain himself, Mari presumes that he is in a post-revival state of emotional euphoria. The reminder of the losing student council's disbandment steels Kate and the other schoolboys with the USC cavalry team's third advance underway. Though the gigantic Andre appears to be twice the height of the cavalry team and impossible to defeat, they evade him by diving below his legs. The boy's cavalry team is caught by Andre's foot when they attempt to emulate the USC's move and evade his repetitive swiping. With no other option for them, Mari produces a carbonated drink bottle from Meiko's back to Gakuto's shock.

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