Heaven Cannot Wait (天国は待ってくれない Tengoku wa Matte Kure nai) is the 209th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised on March 21th, 2016 in Weekly Young Magazine.


In the sports ground, the USC cavalry team halt with Hana questioning Mari's sudden refusal to advance. The deepening suspicion of Mari culminates in her discovery of Kiyoshi's cardiac arrest, when she fails to find a pulse in his neck. Within his out-of-body experience, Kiyoshi realises his ethereal form is incapable of touching a girl's chest and scrawls a message on the floor in desolation. In his sheer desperation, he tries to attempt it once more but quickly loses his balance. When lying prone on the floor, Kiyoshi notices Chiyo with the girls' cavalry team and mentally gathers himself together. With Chiyo oblivious to his monologue, Kiyoshi professes his love for her.

Though the ethereal Kiyoshi comes to terms with his heroic death only to realise the posthumous embarrassment its context would cause him, he sights cherubic figures who promptly target him. The other USC members surmise that his embarrassment caused his death and are at loss for any action. The striped panties are sighted by Chiyo who identifies them from the boy's dorm room. While Mari and Hana are emotionally distraught at the apparent death of Kiyoshi, Chiyo labels Kiyoshi as perverted.



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to American fantasy-comedy film Heaven Can Wait.
  • The message Kiyoshi scrawls in the floor reads "dead men touch no bosoms".


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