Pretty Woman (プリティ・ウーマン Puriti Ūman) is the 20th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on July 11th, 2011 and published in tankobon format in Volume 3 on January 6th, 2012.

Summary[edit | edit source]

On Thursday morning during school hours, Kiyoshi approaches a depressed Gakuto in the prisoners' lunch break to tell him of his new method of leaving to save the breakout plan; Kiyoshi will breakout in the open as a girl. A disturbed Gakuto assumes that he said that he will become a girl for his sake as his popularity with the school's girls is now zero. Kiyoshi says he misunderstood but holds off on the explanation due to the other boys eavesdropping. Later on, Kiyoshi begins explaining his new plan to Gakuto when they are alone at the waste disposal area during the prisoners' labour shift, where they have nearly completed the shed repair. Kiyoshi has an audacious plan of cross-dressing in a stolen female uniform from a launderette in a girls' dorm on Friday to leave through the school gates on Sunday. He explains to Gakuto that the stolen uniform will not be noticed if he returns the uniform before collection on Sunday. As the cleaner parks opposite the dorms across the fence from the waste disposal area after clothes are handed in, Kiyoshi plans to bypass the fence to get to the cleaner's van.

Gakuto initially objects, howver Kiyoshi tells him to strenghen his resolve for the figurine's sake or leave the breakout team to prevent suspicion arising from his erratic behaviour. The next day, Meiko whips Gakuto severely for finding unkempt rubble in the waste disposal area and insults him for defecating on himself. When he gets up, he ends up 'accidentally' groping her repeatedly to Kiyoshi's worry, which she beats him for. Kiyoshi, not understanding whatever Gakuto is planning, asks him to keep a low profile which he refuses to do. When Gakuto sees USC President Mari with Meiko in the waste disposal area, he runs at them, ignoring Meiko's order to return and evading Meiko's whip by cartwheeling past her. Gakuto slides below Mari to successfully remove her school skirt, to the utter shock of the other boys and Meiko.

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