Extremely Sad and Incredibly Painful (ものすごくかなしくて、ありえないほど辛い Monosugoku kanashiku te, arienai hodo tsurai) is the 195th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on October 26st, 2015 and published in tankobon format in Volume 20 on March 4th, 2016.


At the entrance of the girl's dorms, Chiyo notices that Kiyoshi's shoelaces are untied despite his unfounded worries about her sighting Hana's underwear on him. When Kiyoshi realises that crouching to tie his laces while concealing his underwear is impossible, Chiyo offers to tie his laces for him. Though Chiyo makes conversation with him, a sweating Kiyoshi remains worried about how much she may know to the point of freezing up. To his chagrin, Chiyo also sits on the bench preventing him from using it to conceal the underwear. Kiyoshi's fears are compounded by her references to the "summer triangle" and the "stripes" of the male prisoners' uniform. When a kneeling Chiyo offers to tie them for him, Kiyoshi bends his back fully in order to tie his own laces.

At the sports ground, a dejected Shingo is sculpting breasts in the sandpit when he is joined by Anzu. Though Anzu is in search of the others, she is heavily disturbed by the shapes in the sand. When Shingo voices his hatred and emotional upheaval for Kiyoshi without mention of his actions, Anzu offers to accompany him and apologize. However, Shingo declines and asks to touch her chest instead.



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