Drink Wear Love (飲んで、被って、恋をして Nonde, Kabutte, Koi o Shite) is the 193rd chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on October 12st, 2015 and published in tankobon format in Volume 20 on March 4th, 2016.


In the sports ground, the assembled Underground Student Council and the four boys test the root beer on Meiko for Mari to confirm the beverage's restorative effect on her Vice-President persona. Though the deduction Mari makes is that the reversal is momentary, the boys have a renewed interest in how the root beer fulfils this role. When Mari surmises that the herbal root's medicinal properties are responsible for the effect, the boys reveal that they only have the last two bottles from the vending machine and must conserve their limited supply. The newly-arrived Chiyo thanks Gakuto for alleviating Mari of her misandry when he delivers the news of the Vice-President's revival. In return, Gakuto thanks Chiyo for preventing their expulsions.

In the mountainous outskirts of Tokyo, the topless Chairman is unable to pursue the kidnapper's van on foot and contacts the police to secure Honey's rescue. When he contacts the police to report the missing person and the fire, his amnesia prevents him from providing any information and he ends the call in a paranoid state - before noticing a bicycle parked outside. In the meantime at the sports grounds, Chiyo and Gakuto return and the others admire the PBR on her head before defending the misnomer. With the timing of Meiko's Vice-President personality before reversal determined to be three seconds, the others dispatch Gakuto to purchase soft drinks from the vending machine - where he meets Mitsuko.



  • The chapter title is a cultural reference to American biographical adventure novel Eat Pray Love.


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