Naked Hope (はかない期待 Hakanai Kitai) is the 191st chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on September 12st, 2015 and published in tankobon format in Volume 20 on March 4th, 2016.


In the final leg of the obstacle race at the sports ground, Hana falls on the ground near the finish line allowing Risa to cross the line and win the race - having realised she isn't wearing any panties. As Mari and Kiyoshi rush toward a prone Hana on the ground, Mari comforts Hana who is devastated by her failure and the consequence it will have on the USC's popularity. When Kate requests that Mari fulfils the bet, Hana offers to select casual clothes for Mari but Kate denies it knowing Mari's bad taste in fashion. As Mari is about to leave to go change alone however, Gakuto interrupts them with a request for video evidence of Risa's victory. When Gakuto appeals to the main judge booth, the video footage reveals that the ear of Hana's costume crossed the finish line when she falls approximately at the same time Risa crosses the line.

As a result, the student judge declares Hana and Risa's race a dead heat owing to being incapable of declaring a victor - to the USC's happiness and Kate's dejection. At the sports grounds, an angered Hana leaves with Kiyoshi to put on her underwear while the USC celebrates the result of the obstacle race. In the meantime, the amnesiac Chairman is fishing in a river near the forest when he is interrupted by the scream of the cabin-woman. In the school grounds, Hana berates Kiyoshi for not successfully returning her panties and deceiving her but Kiyoshi convinces her of the necessity of his actions. Though Kiyoshi and Hana exchange underwear, the two decide to exchange underwear once more as they are used to the other's. In order to avoid attracting undue attention, the two return from opposite directions.

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  • The chapter shares its title with the Japanese release of Turkish romantic drama film Wrong Rosary as a cultural reference.
  • Hakanai (はかない "to not wear") (i.e. panties) can also mean "ephemeral", "fleeting" or "transient".
  • The chapter confirmes that Kate is aware of Mari's taste in fashion, a presumption made by Hana in preceding chapters.
  • The chapter was released coinciding the episode finale of the anime adaptation's first season.


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