Abnormal Activity (アブノーマル・アクティビティ Abunōmaru Akutibiti) is the 184th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on July 18th, 2015 and published in tankobon format in Volume 19 on December 4th, 2015.


Kiyoshi and Hana run to meet each other. However, they decide to not exchange their panties. Hana gives Chiyo's gift to Kiyoshi. Before leaving, Hana tells Kiyoshi they are both used to wearing each other's panties and therefore must wear them. As kiyoshi puts on chiyo's headband hana glares at him and gets jealous, she uses the excuse of the two being used to wearing each others panties to not change. Hana then tells Kiyoshi that whatever he does he must not change his pantie, the two then depart towards their respective races. In the forest, the Chairman is eternuated and is lost again, sitting down near a tree. Suddently, he saw the female hitchhiker he helped just before his accident, but didn't recognize her at first, but when she turned back, he remembers her ass before falling unconscious.
Kiyoshi joins the boys for the male race in the car park. As Andre participated too, they decide to inflict some damage on him before the cavalry contest. But as soon as the depart is given, Andre stunts the others Boys and is the only one to runs, and is made winner by the bored student-judge since he was the only one still standing. However, the boys still think they can't the contest that will follow.
The next race is the girls' obstacle course, though its not obligatory for all the girls. Risa tells Hana that she will be first, even without Andre's aid, though Hana refers that she was faster than Risa the previous year.
They decide to treat it as a skirmish for the Cavalry Contest while they prepare. The two heard the announcement of the beginning of the Course.




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