Bra Hunter (ブラ・ハンター Bura Hantā) is the 180th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on June 22nd, 2015 and published in tankobon format in Volume 19 on December 4th, 2015.

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During the Sports Festival near the main stage, a seated Kiyoshi contemplates the trauma of being urinated on while trying to avoid the sun. However, he is interrupted by Shingo and Joe hiding under the stage peeping at the bras of passerby schoolgirls. When he sees the two betting on the colour of each bra between them, Kiyoshi decides to join them after mishearing the word "urine" then suggesting that the winner pees on the loser as a result. Through his goading, Shingo joins him but Jo refuses thinking there is too much risk. When a girl comes on the stage, Kiyoshi bets on her wearing white slingback underwear to the others' shock which cause Joe to retire from the bet. Becoming nervous following Kiyoshi's bet and his apparent calm, Shingo drops out before the last moment out of fear for Kiyoshi knowing the color of the girl's bra. However, it is revealed the girl has a black bra which would have won Shingo the bet. As a result of Kiyoshi's unfazed behaviour, Joe and Shingo think something is wrong with him. When Gakuto joins them with another delirious bet, Shingo and Joe leave. When alone with Gakuto, Kiyoshi then asks him how he was able to live on with the bet forgotten. Gakuto relates the fictional "Tale of the Mudfish" from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. However, Kiyoshi doesn't listen to the historical intricacies of the tale or the moral after he remembers that Gakuto defecated on himself. Nevertheless, Kiyoshi recovers his morale after realising that Gakuto's tribulation was worse before leaving the stage.

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