The Never-Setting Sun (沈まぬ太陽 Shizumanu Taiyō) is the 179th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on June 8th, 2015 and published in tankobon format in Volume 19 on December 4th, 2015.


In the toilet facility of the sports ground, Kiyoshi attempts to wash himself to rid himself of the memory in an exercise of futility after their last encounter in which Hana urinated on Kiyoshi. However, he still remains confused as to the meaning of Hana's kiss and his mental state of trauma after she gains her revenge. At the conclusion of the audition for the USC jockey in their Cavalry Battle, Gakuto announces that the PBR has beaten Anzu and Satou by unanimous vote. Though the annoyed girls object to being rejected in favour of a bottle, Shingo and Jo both conclude that they would be subjected to the other's molestation if they were chosen. The two girls return to the school building with Anzu displeased at Shingo and Satou thanking Jo. At the Sports Festival, the USC cavalry team gather next to a tent and Hana deflects Mari's questioning over her lateness. When they are about to begin their practice, they are interrupted by Andre as mount and Risa as jockey executing skilful manoeuvres with Andre seemingly in top condition. Risa halts and removes a thorn from Andre's bare foot to the USC and Kiyoshi's shock however, highlighting the synchronisation and training of their cavalry pair. After they start to worry about the formidable combination the two pose, Chiyo appears at the scene to give them homemade victory headbands which Hana accepts normally. However, Kiyoshi sees Chiyo's innocent smile and reverts to his mentally unstable self by running away to distance himself from her (due to feeling unworthy of looking upon her after his trauma). However, Hana reassures Chiyo and takes the headband to hand it to Kiyoshi while the USC members shower contempt on Kiyoshi for his strange and rude behaviour. The Chairman is shown lost and running to an unknown remote location just as Kiyoshi is within the school courtyard.



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