It All Began When I Met You (すべては君に逢えたから Subete wa Kimi ni Aetakara) is the 177th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on May 11th, 2015 and published in tankobon format in Volume 18 on August 6th, 2015.

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The pile of futons is described as indubitably suspicious by Gakuto. This presses Kiyoshi to want Hana to grab something near her head. When Chiyo remarks that striped panties that were there are missing, she concludes that they must be Gakuto's panties and joins him in removing the pile. The two are then interrupted by Chiyo receiving a text from Hana on her phone claiming that Kiyoshi is with Gakuto. While the pair are discussing about that, they suddently saw the PBR near the pile. The joyful Gakuto then leavse after informing Chiyo of the PBR's role in the contest and inviting her to come to the "audition". The happiness at not being discovered by Chiyo causes a loud stream of tears from Kiyoshi. It reveals the junk Kiyoshi had was a phone. He then ask Hana if she remembers their first meeting and the four-leaf clover. It appears that the liquid overflowing from the pile and on Kioyshi's face are urine.

Meanwhile the Chairman escapes from the hospital as the nurses pursue him. He jump off from a bridge above a road.

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