October Sky (遠い空の向こうに Tōi Sora no Mukō ni) is the 157th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on November 1st, 2014 and published in tankobon format in Volume 16 on March 6th, 2015.


At the Prison Block, Kate ask Mari how did she to bring the item. As she doesn't respond, Kate states that she has lost as she have no other means to escape. Kiyoshi is thinking about Mari's words and doesn't understand what she want. Kate notes his thinking face and happily tells him the blame will be on Mari, but quickly dechante when Kiyoshi show a nearly defiance smile. Kioyshi is persuade Kate can figure the reason behind his smile, because Kiyoshi himself don't have idea why he smiled; he smiles because Mari told him to show Kate an intrepid no matter what happened and nothing more to unnerve Kate as Mari remembers Kiyoshi's meaningful grin shock the USC. Kiyoshi keep smiling and it really disturb Kate and Mitsuko as the former ask the latter if she truly find all the item and if she performs a body-search.

After finding out Mitsuko hasn't perform a body-search on Mari, Kate try to search Mari's chest, but Mari grabs her hand. Kate made a Aikido move that project Mari to the ground and show a object concealed in her chest which reveals to be a handcuff. Mari tells Kate she doesn't have anything else, but Kate don't trust her. Mari states that if Kate is uneasy, she will chained up herself to make Kate more relaxed. The proposition seems to has shock Kate, and begin annoyed when She heards Kiyoshi's smiling and task Mitsuko to bring him to his cells. Just after they gone, Kate chained up with Mari, stating that it will be impossible to Mari escapes if they are attached. Leaving her room and dress by Andre, Risa is informed by a phone call of Mitsuko of the situation, notably of Kiyoshi's 'disguting' smile. In the prison, Kate proposes Mari to drink chanmery and persimmons seeds to celebrate the SC and Kate's victory. They cheered and Mari then ask Kate why she want to disband the USC. Kate responds by asking if Mari want to escape in order to steal back something she had stolen from Mari and then states she want to take back something Mari stolen.



The chapter title is a cultural reference to the American aviation biopic October Sky.


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