Soulful Kitchen (ソウルフル・キッチン Sourufuru Kitchin) is the 154th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on October 10th, 2014 and published in tankobon format in Volume 16 on March 6th, 2015.


In Risa's dorm room, Andre dreams of Meiko's restored Vice-President persona presenting a masochistic cooking TV show where he is a piece of pork. However, she follows Risa's advice decides to make a cake instead of pork, after she couldn't find a vineyard. An unconscious Andre to scream on his bed as Meiko wouldn't need any pork. In the Prison Break at lunchtime, Risa thinks Kiyoshi is inferior to Andre and can be outsmarted while Kiyoshi concludes that Risa's weakness is no more. Through using body language, Mari tells Kiyoshi that he must continue transporting items to the bathroom. Though Kiyoshi is certain of getting caught, Mari reasons that her escape depends on his decisiveness in smuggling tools into the prison compound.

When Kiyoshi conceals the item in his clothing, Mitsuko and Risa saw the motion of his hand and question him. Though his response that he has stomach pain fails to convince Risa who wants to search him, she is stop by Mitsuko who states that Kiyoshi's behaviour is typical of adolescence despite his apelike behaviour. The second request Kiyoshi makes to go to the bathroom again is refused by Risa. With Mari's instruction to keep forcing Risa to let him go, Kiyoshi stands on the table and kneels while refusing to comply. While Risa get up claiming she will help his adolescent urge because she thinks he is hiding something, Mitsuko try to stop her and Kiyoshi but loses her panties when a fork falls from the top of the room and traps her panties on her chair during her lift. In the meantime at the boys' dorm room, Gakuto sees a malefic shining in the sky while the fork d.



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