Brokeback Prison (ブロークバック・プリズン Burōkubakku Purizun) is the 15th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on May 30th, 2011 and published in tankobon format in Volume 2 on October 6th, 2011.


After Meiko Shiraki completes rollcall in the prison, the boys start their penal labour on Sunday morning at nine o'clock, with a new assignment repairing a hut and clearing a field ahead of the Track and Field District Meet that the school is hosting (on the upcoming Saturday of the breakout). When Gakuto asks Meiko to brief them on their working role in the upcoming sports event, Meiko informs them that Andre and Jo have been assigned to the "Trivia" team while Shingo will be working with Gakuto and Kiyoshi in the "Luggage" team before sending them off to do the work. When the boys are escorted by Meiko to the working area, Gakuto and Kiyoshi start discussing the numerous problems they face in performing the breakout plan. They accept that the fact of the sports ground being far from the waste disposal area proves serious barriers to the sucess of their breakout plan & makes the escape route more difficult, to the dismay of the two. Adding to the complication of the sports ground's distance from the escape hole, the presence of Shingo also poses a significant problem to them.

Gakuto is unwilling to enlist Shingo's help or silence, unlike Kiyoshi. Shingo, unknowing of their plan, intends to use the work shift to 'catch up' with Kiyoshi as he was Shingo's middle school friend. Shingo starts eavesdropping on their discussion and misinterprets their deliberations about him as homosexual (as they mention "tight guys", "pomade", and "getting in"). When Kiyoshi and Gakuto are in the prison bathing area alone plotting the breakout, Gakuto drops a soap bar and bends to pick it up facing Kiyoshi. When Shingo looks into the room, he misinterprets a bent front-facing Gakuto and Kiyoshi's back as the two engaging in homosexual acts. When he screams and is noticed by the two, the two threaten him to leave by leering at him, thinking that he was eavesdropping on them. On Monday morning, Shingo immediately asks Meiko to transfer to the other group, which she accepts. Gakuto and Kiyoshi respond with confused thoughts & satisfaction at removing their first obstacle.



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