The Ugly Truth (醜い真実 Otoko to Onna no Futsugou na Shinjitsu) is the 147th chapter of the Prison School manga, serialised in Weekly Young Magazine on August 18th, 2014 and published in tankobon format in Volume 15 on November 6th, 2014.


After screaming to Chiyo that if she thrown out Kate she will be sent back to the prison (thought Jo encourages her to not give a damn and indeed thrown Kate on the Ground), it appears at first Chiyo has chose to desist but it quickly reveals Kate is so strong that it impossible for Chiyo to throw her. Kate says to Chiyo it is enough as she thrown her to the ground by using a Aikido's technique, before asking to the scared boys if one of them is the next one. The boys rush to help Chiyo and take her away as the scared Shingo explains to Kate the reason of Chiyo's anger after Kate thinks he was the next because of his remarks. Kate left after saying she will overlook what happened because she don't have much time to spare.

Kate is then in the ASC's room with Hana, having asked her to pour her tea. Kate then tell to Hana the incident with the Bell Peppers and Shitake Mushroom without accusing Hana of be responsible. Hana then left the room to throw a Mushroom who had been left in the room as Kate is sick of seeing them. Kate notes that Hana forgot her cell phone in the room and easily found the password and decide to investigate the phone, thinking Hana is most likely the responsible for the Bell Peppers and Shitake Mushroom incident and the phone call to Meiko the precedent night. As Hana thrown the bell pepper, she realizes she left her cell phone in the room and that it would be lethal if the password is the password is cracked while Kate found no evidence of the call but a folder : a folder who containing the photo of Hana and Kiyoshi that she misunderstand as proof of a loving relation between the two.

Hana enters the room and saw the phone still on the place she left it, but is surprise by Kate behind her who doesn't reveal that she saw the photos and ask Hana why she is stressed. As Hana is reassured, Kate expresses a joyful smile while she thinks about Kiyoshi and Hana's relation and the fearful attraction of Hana.



  • The chapter title is a reference to American romantic comedy film The Ugly Truth.
  • It is revealed that the password to Hana Midorikawa's iPhone is 4262.


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